Managing Kubernetes Implementations at Scale


Containers offer greater efficiency and portability, making them an attractive choice for today’s application development teams. However, while most organizations have become familiar with the process of putting their workloads into containers, many have stumbled when it comes to orchestrating containers at scale.

Kubernetes is the clear market leader for container orchestration, but it requires a significant amount of knowledge and expertise to successfully deploy. Join our upcoming Trending Tech Talk where we will discuss:

  • Maximizing your Kuberentes investment - How do you ramp development, infrastructure, and operations all together?
  • Operational complexity - How do you scale? What if there is a vulnerability? How do you patch?
  • Scale and cost containment - How much infrastructure is enough? How do you know?
  • A different approach - How can organizations get the benefits of containers without the challenges of orchestration?

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Madhu Vulpala
Director of Product Management,

Andy Wahrenberger
Director of System Architecture

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