How to Integrate Everything and Connect to Anything


With the number of systems of record growing, application integration has become a time-consuming aspect of application development. There’s often a lack of APIs, and even when they are available, using APIs from different systems spread across an organization, or even outside it, is no easy task.

Setting up integrations with any external system of record, regardless of the communication protocol, shouldn’t cause application delays. To see how you can quickly link your applications to data in existing systems, join our upcoming Tech Talk where we’ll cover:

  • The growing importance to integrate with everything and the challenges you may encounter along the way
  • How to build, accelerate, and complete the integrations needed for the most complex, feature-rich applications
  • Ways you can extend existing applications, infrastructure, and SaaS, all without slowing anything down
  • How to consume and expose REST APIs and SOAP web services visually and rapidly

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Mike Josephson
Senior Solutions Architect,

Forsyth Alexander
Senior Product Marketing Manager,

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