Progressive Web Apps:
The Future of Application Development


In an era of digital-first interactions, improving the way end-users discover, adopt, and interact with your applications has never been more important. That’s where progressive web apps (PWAs) come in, as a new way to interact with applications, removing the friction and roadblocks associated with the adoption of native apps.

Similar to native apps in terms of the experience they provide users, PWAs offer additional functionality, such as being discoverable and downloadable from a web browser. If you’re interested in adding PWAs to your app dev portfolio, join our upcoming Tech Talk where you’ll learn:

  • What PWAs are and how they compare with native apps
  • The benefits of PWAs and the role they can play in your digital strategy
  • How you can use a single codebase to create mobile apps and deploy them as PWAs with the switch of a toggle

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Russell Youngblood
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Taka Torimoto
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