Modernize Legacy Systems with a Cloud Application Platform


The maintenance of customized packages and aging platforms can be costly, affect performance, and be difficult to change. Cloud services will be used to replace inefficient code or extend functionality for most legacy applications by 2024, according to IDC.

Modernizing legacy systems with OutSystems takes months instead of years. With fast visual development, easy integration, and rock-solid scale, you can digitally extend, refactor, or rebuild your application with confidence and speed.

Join our upcoming webinar to see how you can update your legacy apps with a modern cloud platform. We’ll discuss:

  • How a cloud application platform can help you extend and unlock the potential of your existing systems.
  • Ways to quickly extend, refactor, or rebuild your legacy systems in the cloud.
  • How to leave legacy system nightmares behind and deliver immediate value.


Dom Coppola
Senior Solutions Architect,

Tony Ollivier
Senior Manager,
Solution Strategist,

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