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Gartner Report
Gartner Names OutSystems a Leader in High-Productivity aPaaS

OutSystems is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service, 2017.

Download your copy to see how the best high productivity aPaaS (hpaPaaS) vendors stack up.

VisionMobile Report
The Latest Trends from a Survey of 21,200+ Developers

Talented development teams with the right skills and tools can put you ahead of your competitors in the market. Data, not preconceived notions or intuition, is the way to get there.

This report analyzes the answers from more than 21,200 developers to questions in Vision Mobile’s 12th annual survey on multiple hot topics, such as cloud, mobile, IoT, desktop, web, virtual reality, and machine learning.

Forrester Wave Report
OutSystems Named a Leader in Mobile Low-Code Development

Mobile low-code development platforms are an offshoot of the broader category of low-code platforms. In one of the most comprehensive assessments of the mobile low-code development market, Forrester identified the 11 most relevant vendors based on a rigorous 24-point evaluation.

Download your copy of The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Low-Code Development Platforms, Q1 2017 to see how each provider measures up. 

State of Application Development Report
App Dev in the Age of Digital Transformation, Low-Code Platforms and Citizen Developers

Digital transformation is disrupting industries, transforming businesses, and creating new competitive differentiation that will last for years. Our largest survey to date connected us with over 3,200 IT pros.

This report explores the top challenges facing IT teams today and identifies approaches to accelerating development.

Gartner Report
Top Considerations and Concerns When Developing a Mobile App Architecture

IT faces increasing pressure to deliver a wide variety of mobile applications - quickly and cost-effectively. However, as the mobile tools market continues to evolve, how can you be sure you have the right architecture?

Gartner proposes that an effective mobile application architecture can be broken down into three clear layers.

What’s New in OutSystems 10
What’s New in OutSystems 10

OutSystems 10 is a breakthrough release - we combined the incredible speed of low-code development with the most advanced enterprise-grade mobile features. Pixel-perfect UX, easy integration, secure offline, one-click deployment and a lot more.

The result is some amazing technology and we can’t wait to see what you will build with OutSystems 10.

Read this report today and see why OutSystems has been considered the visionary with the highest ability to execute.
Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms

Low-code platforms have made their debut and we’re thrilled that Gartner placed us as the visionary solution with the highest ability to execute.

To learn more about how Gartner sees the MADP market, get your complimentary copy of the Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms.

Enterprise digital transformation demands have far exceeded the capacity of IT teams to deliver, and the only option is to re-think, re-tool and re-engineer how technology gets delivered. Explore these five crucial resources to fuel your move to digital transformation.
5 Essential Digital Tipping Point Resources

Enterprise digital transformation demands have far exceeded the capacity of IT teams to deliver, and the only option is to re-think, re-tool and re-engineer how technology gets delivered.

Explore these five crucial resources to fuel your move to digital transformation.

Forget Hand Coding: 5 Development Challenges to Consider
Forget Hand Coding: 5 Development Challenges to Consider

Download the article now to learn five key development challenges to keep in mind when considering using hand coding over a rapid application platform.

How IT Sees Citizen Developers: A TechValidate Survey
How IT Sees Citizen Developers: A TechValidate Survey

This report sheds light on the role of the Citizen Developer in organizations and how IT can use their work to increase the pace of innovation.

Why Low-Code is Right for Mobile and Web Front-End Development
Do You Know Why Low-Code is Right for Mobile and Web Front-End Development?

This article covers where the front-end development is at today, and what is expected of enterprise IT.
Download this highly informative article and transform the speed and flexibility of your IT team to deliver responsive front-end applications.

The 13 Commandments of DevOps
The 13 Commandments of DevOps

This list outlines the critical steps to follow for a successful DevOps strategy along the application delivery lifecycle. Learn why each of these practices matter and how to jumpstart your change to a DevOps-focused mindset the right way.

The Developer’s UX Checklist
The Developer’s UX Checklist: Essential Steps for Adopting a New Perspective

This checklist contains the most important questions developers must ask, and answer, to make the difference between delivering a decent User Experience and one that’s great. Follow this checklist to see if your application’s UX is on the right track.

Leveraging The Digital Future - by Ben Kepes, technology evangelist
Leveraging The Digital Future

In this paper, globally recognized subject matter expert, Ben Kepes, explores digital transformation in today’s changing world. With a current environment ripe for disruption, understanding internal and external factors that are impacting businesses is critical.

The Top Criteria for Selecting the Right Mobile Application Delivery Platform
The Top Criteria for Selecting the Right Mobile Application Delivery Platform

This guide covers the most important criteria in selecting a robust mobile platform, what questions to ask as you evaluate vendors and what to look out for in various platform offerings.

Navigating the Mobile App Dev Landscape Guide
A Guide to: Navigating the Mobile App Dev Landscape

This guide will help you grasp the vast and growing landscape of point solutions that exist to accelerate mobile app dev. A functional matrix will help you navigate the app lifecycle and better understand the challenges each tool addresses.

This guide explores the burning question many organizations are asking: Is a rapid application delivery platform right for my organization?
Is a RAD Platform Right for Your Organization?

This guide explores the burning question many organizations are asking: Is a rapid application delivery platform right for my organization? It covers the benefits of a RAD platform and compares the approach to traditional development methods.

Native vs Web vs Hybrid eBook
Native vs Web vs Hybrid: The Definitive Guide to Choosing Your Enterprise Mobile Application Architecture

This ebook will help you navigate the mobile architecture decision process to select the right mix of native and HTML5 in order to achieve the perfect balance between richness of use and development productivity.

Forrester Wave Report
OutSystems Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Public Cloud Platforms Report for RAD Developers

Download your complimentary copy of the latest Forrester Wave report for Enterprise Public Cloud Platforms.

Why IT Struggles With Mobility eBook
Why IT Struggles With Mobility: How to Avoid Three Years of Pain.

This paper chronicles the adventures and misadventures of the enterprise mobile app journey based on our observations working with industry leaders who have weathered three years of pain to arrive at the same conclusions.

TechValidate conducted a worldwide survey of 200 enterprise IT professionals who use OutSystems Platform in their organizations. This report details the results and provides a realistic view of what AD&D teams can expect from a low-code platform.
Low-Code Application Development Platforms: How Fast Is Fast?

TechValidate conducted a worldwide survey of 200 enterprise IT professionals who use OutSystems Platform in their organizations. This report details the results and provides a realistic view of what AD&D teams can expect from a low-code platform.

OutSystems Code Review
Independent Code Review of OutSystems Platform (by QAT Global)

This report is the result of QAT Global’s review process of OutSystems Platform as a possible replacement to or complement for its current 4GL and code generation tools and platforms. The evaluation also tested the feasibility of establishing an OutSystems consulting practice, which included significant considerations for lock-in and code quality on detach.

PaaS Webinar
Five Reasons PaaS Will Explode in 2014

This talk will outline the ways PaaS enhances the application lifecycle and explain how OutSystems Platform can supercharge application delivery teams - making it easy to create, deploy and manage enterprise mobile and web applications.

IT Innovation eBook
Why IT Struggles to Innovate: and How You Can Fix It.

In this eBook we explore the root causes of IT inefficiency and discuss methods companies have used to overcome them, turning their IT departments into innovation superstars.

High-Productivity Development Webinar
Four Myths of High-Productivity App Dev Debunked

In this webinar, David Norfolk of Bloor Research International discusses research that compares two high-productivity platform as a service (PaaS) development platforms: OutSystems Platform and Force.com.

451 Report
‘The 451 Take’ on OutSystems

Chris Marsh, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Mobile App Strategies, at 451 Research, explores OutSystems in this updated company profile. Significant growth of enterprise-focused RAD platforms in recent years is putting a focus on the key players in the market. Marsh reviews the application platform market and outlines how OutSystems fits in it, as well as providing a complete SWOT analysis.

PaaS Paper
PaaS - Powering a New Era of Business IT

This paper explores why PaaS has suddenly become relevant and irresistible to many organizations. It dives into the opportunities and considerations associated with using PaaS from an application development and deployment perspective, as well as the ways PaaS can help enhance developer productivity.

Ovum Decision Matrix Report
Ovum Names OutSystems a Leader in Mobile App Development Platforms

The OVUM Decision Matrix for Mobile App Development Platform (MADP) Solutions is out and OutSystems is a 'Market Leader'. Get your copy of the report and see why.

High Productivity Development
Supercharge Your Mobile and Web Application Development with High-Productivity Hybrid Cloud

In this webinar, noted Forrester analyst John Rymer helps take the mystery out of the various cloud platforms and discusses the tremendous efficiency gains that can be achieved using these accelerated approaches. The webinar also features a complex-made-simple, real-world example from Don Griest at FICO. Don will discuss how OutSystems Platform is helping FICO rapidly deliver solutions with superior quality and unprecedented time to value, thus opening up new markets for the company.

Gigaom Research webinar
Moving Beyond Native/Hybrid/HTML5: Building the Right Mobile App Development Strategy

In this Gigaom Research webinar, we will discuss the challenges faced by the newly-mobilized enterprise, examine the landscape of choices and their impacts, and suggest a strategy for choosing the blend of tools, services and methodologies that best meets your needs.

Mobile Trend Statistics Report
Mobile Trends and Statistics that Matter

This recent survey of application development executives explores the importance of incorporating mobility into corporate IT strategies and uncovers the key mobile trends and statistics.

UX Toolkit
UX - The New IT Imperative

This "UX for IT" toolkit helps IT departments understand and embrace UX concepts. It also shows how to create applications with great usability that completely fit the users' context and that are visually pleasing. Learn all about UX, so you can deliver truly great enterprise applications!

Lotus Notes Migration eBook
Five Steps to a Successful Lotus Notes Application Migration

This eBook outlines five steps to ensure a successful migration from Lotus Notes to an up-to-date, web-based, cloud-ready platform.

Gigaon Research
Can PaaS help turn your team into app dev rockstars?

Learn from Gigaom Research about the current PaaS landscape and whether its solutions are right for your enterprise.

Cloud App Dev and DevOps Automation
OutSystems Cloudifies App Development: Looks to Stand Out through DevOps Automation (451 Research Report)

This independent report explores OutSystems Platform and the company’s move into the platform as a service (PaaS) market.

Mobile Application Strategy eBook
Kick Start Your Mobile App Strategy

This eBook looks at how to kick start your mobile application strategy. Mobile has become standard in the enterprise with smartphones and tablets common in the workplace. Anywhere, anytime access to company systems is expected and systems must work flawlessly on these devices!

OutSystems Platform and Force.com PaaS
OutSystems Platform and Force.com: Different PaaS for Different Players (Bloor Research Report)

This report includes a comprehensive analysis of the two PaaS solutions with a focus on providing an objective look at two products that are both ‘fit for a purpose.’ The report provides enough information to help IT professionals determine which product matches their needs and requirements.

Innovation without Disruption Paper
Kevin Behr Discusses Innovation without Disruption

How can you keep your organization’s DevOps flow on the cutting edge while maintaining continuity of operations and core business activities? High performers in the application development space know the answer: platform as a service (PaaS).

Fast Application Development Webinar
Is He the Fastest Developer in the World?

In this webinar you'll see who we believe is the fastest developer in the world. Andrew Burgess will create an application consisting of data models and front and back office user interfaces in a very limited time.

OutSystems Productivity Benchmark
OutSystems - Productivity Benchmark

This report shares findings on productivity gains achieved by OutSystems customers using OutSystems Platform and Agile methods.

OutSystems Enterprise Cloud Technote
OutSystems Platform - Enterprise Cloud

In this article, you'll find information about enterprise cloud services from OutSystems.

OutSystems Secures Applications with HP Fortify

In this case study, HP looks at how OutSystems uses advanced static code analysis to ensure applications are inherently secure from development to deployment.

OutSystems BPT Overview
OutSystems Platform - Business Process Technology Overview

In this datasheet, you'll find information about OutSystems Platform and the Business Process Technology (BPT) module. BPT enables companies to quickly create and change web business applications that include business processes and workflows.

Transitioning from BPMN to OutSystems
Transitioning from BPMN

This technical note describes the notation used for Process Modeling targeted at practitioners currently modeling processes using BPMN.

Transitioning from .Net to OutSystems
Transitioning from .NET

This developer cheat sheet describes the OutSystems language main concepts and their mappings to other development languages, such as .NET.

OutSystems Standard Architecture
OutSystems Platform - Standard Architecture With No Lock-in

This article discusses OutSystems standard architecture with no lock-in. Unlike proprietary technologies and closed frameworks, OutSystems Platform generates standard, optimized and fully documented source code which does not require runtime interpreters or engines.

OutSystems Architecture and Infrastructure
Architecture and Infrastructure Overview

This article note describes OutSystems Platform main concepts, its logical and physical architectures, and the technical infrastructure required to effectively leverage all its capabilities.

OutSystems Performance and Scalability
Performance & Scalability Overview

In this article you will be able to find out how OutSystems Platform is able to sustain and deliver such highly scalable web business applications.

OutSystems Security Overview
Security Overview

This article focuses on how every application created using OutSystems Platform is secured over its entire life-cycle.

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