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Learn about the technology trends and low-code capabilities that will fire up your creativity and drive next-generation innovation at your company.

Customer Experience

Experience Systems: Delivering High-Quality Omnichannel CX Like the Cool Kids

Join our Senior Solution Strategist, Mafalda Póvoas, to learn how OutSystems enables you to take a new approach to CX development, that massively simplifies the delivery of the highest quality, customer facing applications while ensuring consistency in customer journeys across every touchpoint - just like the coolest companies grabbing all the headlines.

Getting Started

Build Fast, Right and for the Future: An OutSystems Overview

Join our Product Manager for Enterprise Cloud, Madhu Vulpala, for a walkthrough of the OutSystems platform and see how our visual approach to building software enables teams to deliver innovation faster than ever before. Learn how AI, combined with our 20+ years of experience focused on software development, helps ensure the apps you build are robust enough to run your business and how our decoupled architecture ensures apps are always running on the latest technology stacks.

Mobile Applications

Leading with Design: Putting the User First

Digital user experience encompasses all aspects of a person’s interaction with your web or mobile app. Putting an emphasis on user experience not only benefits your customers but will consequently deliver results for your business. In this session, Menno Cramer, Head of Experience at OutSystems, shows you how to put the user first.

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Satellite Events

From cooking lessons in Singapore on Zoom to a keynote livestream in a London, additional activities lent an in-person feel to the virtual.

NEO Awards

A special recognition of the achievements and contributions made by the global OutSystems developer community.

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