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With specific expertise in Intelligent Automation, Accessibility, UX & Agile delivery, Green Lemon Company have been delivering software and services to the Enterprise marketplace since 2003. Supported by innovative technology; they work with Line of Business and IT Owners to facilitate digital transformation and deliver ultra-rapid solutions. With expert resources in Europe and the UK, their main focus is on building and delivering complex web / mobile software applications on the OutSystems low code platform. They have been a preferred partner with OutSystems since 2016.


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  • RetailWholesale
    AI Predictive Stock Application
    • Assets & inventory management
    • Retail & Wholesale
    2 Developers 4 Weeks Web Application 2021

    A ground-breaking use of advanced AI components wrapped in OutSystems architecture and front-end that enables super-precise forecasts for stock and distribution levels. Our Augmented Intelligence solution incorporates hundreds of variables and codified human decision-making to estimate individual product stock levels sensitised to regional demographics.

  • Government
    International Case Management Application
    • Other use cases
    • Government
    5 Developers 15 Weeks Web Application 2020

    The application has been built to digitise a complex process for managing individual cases that involve many individuals within a unique compliance and information security requirement. Rather than replicate existing processes the customer, supported by GLC, took the opportunity to optimise their workflow exploiting the unique capabilities of OutSystems

  • Peace One Day Website
    Peace One Day Website
    • Content & Marketing
    • Foundations & Non-Profits
    6 Developers 5 Months Web Application 2020

    Large numbers of people interact with Peace One Day via the website, especially on the lead-up to Peace Day 21 September. Hence, the focus for the new platform was scalability. The solution uses a unique integration with AWS and Salesforce, enhanced by Pyze analytics. Content creation is managed by the PoD team using custom-built OutSystems components.

  • RetailWholesale
    Retail Stock Prediction Tool
    • Content & Marketing
    • Retail & Wholesale
    2 Developers 10 Weeks Web Application 2022

    An advanced AI prototype that aggregates a vast array of variables to generate product stock level estimates.

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