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Hi Interactive creates the best digital experiences. With a team specialized in Front-End for OutSystems and UX/UI, we re ready to foster your business apps. As an OutSystems Partner, we worked with OutSystems to develop the Silk UI Framework, and, more recently, we re helping to improve the new OutSystems UI Framework. We re also considered by our partners as masters in Design Systems, which includes Live Style Guides. Since 2013, we ve delivered dozens of successful projects, in partnership with other OutSystems Partners in a variety of industries.


Solutions Built With OutSystems

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  • Hi Components Library
    Hi Components Library
    • All Industries | Development Tools
    A solution for your apps development in a library of multiple different components ready to be used.
  • UX/UI Services
    UX/UI Services
    • All Industries | Development Tools
    Creating a delightful experience for the user is a balanced act between usability, interface design, and technology. With a Design Thinking approach, we’re able to build digital products addressing both the business and user needs fostering the best digital experiences for your customers.
  • Front-End Expert Services
    Front-End Expert Services
    • Development Tools
    • Banking
    We share our know-how and we work hand-in-hand with your in-house team to optimize the Front-End of your OutSystems applications while reducing development and maintenance costs.
  • Highlight - Design System Manager
    Highlight - Design System Manager
    • All Industries | Development Tools
    The tool to centrally document your company's Design System. It centralizes information so designers and developers have a common space to have all assets. It offers multiple technical features, from the definition of the branding to the interface rules for different themes, such as the ability to share and document components of different technologies

Projects Delivered

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  • Fidelidade
    • Insurance
    2 Developers 12 Months Web Application 2018

    Hi Interactive defined Fidelidade's communication through a customized front-end architecture to give support to 200 existing applications. We promoted the Design System's model to reuse the components and accelerate the applications development and maintenance.

  • OutSystems
    • Computer & Technology
    8 Developers 18 Months Web Application 2016

    Hi Interactive developed Silk UI Framework in partnership with OutSystems to help developers deliver applications with a more user-friendly interface.

  • BPI
    • Banking
    2 Developers 12 Months Mobile Application 2017

    Hi Interactive developed a Style Guide structure to give support to the application's development and maintenance. This process was ensured by a team of Front-End experts, through the development of themes and patterns.

  • Vopak
    • Energy & Utilities
    • Other use cases
    5 Developers 3 Months Mobile Application 2020

    Hi Interactive implemented a Design System with 3 Live Style Guides (B2B, B2B Mobile, and also B2E) at Vopak. This enables development teams to: - Create great apps with good user experience, - Define a UI architecture to scale fast and reducing growth constraints. - Deliver required components, - Faster T2M.

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