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Persistent Systems builds software that drives the business of our customers, enterprises and software product companies, with software at the core of their digital transformation. Persistent Systems and OutSystems have partnered to deliver digital and continuous transformation, providing software at speed and scale. As a Systems Integrator and Software Development partner of OutSystems, Persistent designs, develops, and deploys solutions that enable customers to capitalize their data and be future-proof for an immediate competitive advantage. Together, we launch new pro...


Projects Delivered

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  • Banking
    • Banking
    5 Developers 6 Months Mobile Application 2019

    Loan Origination Mobile Application designed to: -improve and bandwidth, challenging cellular network scenarios due to low bandwidth in various suburbs -streamline data analytics though audit logs in the application

  • Manufacturing
    • Manufacturing
    5 Developers 6 Months Web Application 2018

    Web Application designed to: -integrate with third-party soap services -improve workflows and coverage of multiple scenarios -improve clarity on background calculations and prefilled forms based on those calculation

  • Advertising, Media, Publishing
    Advertising, Media, Publishing
    • Advertising, Media, Publishing
    1 Developer 4 Weeks Mobile Application 2018

    Mobile Application designed to: -improve modularization and componentization -add integrations with social sharing sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

  • Agriculture
    • Chemical, Agriculture, Mining
    3 Developers 5 Weeks Mobile Application 2019

    Location Manager Mobile Application designed to: -see and change operating hours for each location for location managers, customer service specialists, regional managers -send out app/text messages to Growers about the changes in location's hours -update location hours and updates immediately on to public website, Growers' web portal and mobile app -se...

Solutions Built With OutSystems

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  • Loan Origination
    Loan Origination
    • Customer Service
    • Financial Services
    • Banking
    Loan Origination based on Microservices architecture, are out-of-the-box accelerator for various types of Loans with multiple integration options.
  • Digital Retail Banking
    Digital Retail Banking
    • Customer Service
    • Banking
    Digital Banking is not just about having a Mobile Banking App. The Digital Bank accelerator is quickly deployable within 3 months. Persistent Digital Bank template is quickly deployable for your standard Loan and Deposit Products. It offers standard integrations with LOS, Credit Decisioning, and GL Systems amongst others.
  • e-KYC
    • Customer Service
    • Financial Services
    • Banking
    e-KYC is an accelerator that automates identification and verification of your customers; be it an individual, an enterprise, or a trust. It allows you to quickly configure and automate KYC processes that are rule-based and to integrate with external KYC data providers to facilitate a complete e-KYC, where the customer is NOT required to visit your office.
  • Pitchbook
    • Finance
    • Banking
    Pitchbook is a tool for the front office of large and mid sized enterprises for generating dynamic, accurate and up to date sales presentations.

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