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Solution Overview

Loan Origination based on Microservices architecture, are out-of-the-box accelerator for various types of Loans with multiple integration options.

Key Features

Banks and Lenders offer various loan Products including Personal, Vehicle, and Mortgages to name a few. Starting point of Loans can be at multiple places like malls, online retail websites, Car Dealers, Marketing aggregator websites, and BOTs to name a few. Loan Origination Systems need to be very flexible in terms of Configurable Workflows and Business Rules, and ease of integration with internal, as well as external systems.

Key Benefits

  • Role-based access
  • Simplified and intuitive UI for easy access
  • Out-of-the-box List Screening connector •
  • Easy to manage Business Rules
  • Business Rules driven workflow for necessary approvals and task allocations
  • Microservices enabled plug-n-play architecture
  • Pre-built API connectors for seamless integration
  • Microservices architecture and modular design

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