OutSystems or Power Apps

You don’t have to choose

Use OutSystems to extend your low-code capabilities beyond the tactical employee-delivered apps typically built with Power Apps and deliver strategic applications with pixel perfect UI, enterprise-grade scalability and governance.


You have Power Apps but need a solution for your enterprise-grade custom applications - your company can use both.

The OutSystems low-code platform delivers high-performance, AI driven, full-stack development. It radically accelerates developer productivity and enables continuous innovation.

Power Apps is Microsoft's low-code/no-code tool for creating low-level internal applications without coding knowledge. Think Microsoft Excel for creating applications.

What high-performance low-code provides

Serious applications

Create serious strategic, built-to-fit applications for employees, customers, and critical systems that scale from the department to the enterprise.

Transparent licensing

OutSystems licensing provides a surprise-free cost model and no-charge integrations with SAP, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dataverse plus over 4000 other reusable, open-source modules, connectors and UI components.

Modern developer experience

Accelerate development with a visual, model-driven, AI-powered IDE optimized for PC and Mac and deploy on a single platform designed for native cloud architecture.

Enterprise-grade security and governance

OutSystems delivers control to organizations as applications multiply, ensuring they're built from the ground up to be secure and adhering to the strictest requirements.

Deploy on our cloud or yours

Deploy your applications when and where it makes sense for your business - OutSystems cloud, Azure, Google Cloud, or your private data center.

High adoption experiences

Speed UI development with 100+ best-practice, responsive and visual components to create engaging omnichannel applications for web and native mobile, all with one code base.

OutSystems and Microsoft together

1 + 1 = 3

Seamless Microsoft integration

Native Microsoft Sharepoint and Dynamics 365 integration allows you to perform operations on your critical business data from your OutSystems applications.

OutSystems built. Azure deployed

Deliver innovative apps faster with the #1 low-code application platform combined with Azure's advanced services, scale, and global reach. This BYOL template provides quick and easy deployment of a full OutSystems low-code application platform implementation for rapidly developing enterprise web and mobile apps.

Manage with Azure DevOps

Take advantage of OutSystems built-in CI/CD capabilities, such as managing your application portfolio and impact analysis that simplifies the process of deploying complex application portfolios across environments. Then, extend them with Azure DevOps.

Examples of customers using OutSystems in their Microsoft ecosystems


Renotec Turns Complex ERP-centric Processes into Simple Yet Clever Digital Experiences.

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Green Cargo

Green Cargo Adopts OutSystems to Drive Innovation and Incremental Cloud Migration.

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McMillan Shakespeare

McMillan Shakespeare Group Finds a Platform for Rapid Innovation with OutSystems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

OutSystems empowers teams to develop innovative cloud applications to deliver new services, win new customers, and capture new markets. Using visual and AI-powered tools, the latest technology, and automation, companies build applications and solutions critical to their business.

Power Apps is included with Microsoft 365, but requires extra licensing to connect to critical data sources (like SAP or Salesforce) or expose data to external customers or partners.

Good question. For simple use cases that were probably managed with a spreadsheet, Power Apps works well and can be developed by an employee of the department. However, if the application needs to talk to a System of Record (like SAP) and will be deployed across the enterprise, Power Apps can become costly and harder to manage.

OutSystems built applications are enterprise-grade and scalable to meet an organization's needs for governance and security and don't require add-on licensing or costs to integrate with your other back-end systems.

While your company is licensed to use Power Apps for employee-created applications, building enterprise-grade applications on OutSystems allows you to easily tap into native solutions like Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), text sentiment analysis, and fraud detection and include them in your enterprise applications.

See how our high-performance low-code is different.