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Intelligence In-Context: The Rise of Context-Aware Apps

A delivery truck driver named John has a new application. He arrives at his destination, parks the truck, picks up his mobile device and steps out. As he unlocks his device’s screen, the app instantaneously refreshes with the package information for the customer at that location. He didn’t even need to touch the app… he smiles…

His device picks up the beacon at the door and orders the back doors to open. A green light goes on at the exact section where the package is…he smiles again. (more…)

10 Rules for Creating a Mobile Look and Feel

Mobile is all the rage these days. Having a world of knowledge in our pockets has become a commodity, and we’ve grown accustomed to certain standards. Developers need to understand how to meet the lofty expectations of a world where something like 60 frames per second can be the difference between a huge success or a major disaster.

How can you go about creating apps that meet those higher-than-ever expectations?


The developer's ux checklist helps you adopt a new perspective

Developer’s UX Checklist: Essential Steps for Adopting New Perspectives

As software development methodologies evolve, so must the developers themselves. There’s a new set of expectations of what software should be, as well as a new set of expectations for what a developer’s responsibilities should cover.

A printable PDF - developer's UX checklistThe times when you could get away with implementing applications with decent-­looking screens and calling it a day are fading. Even with small and less visible projects, it’s no longer acceptable if an application has poor User Experience (UX). UX is vital no matter the size or scope of the project.

As Waterfall is replaced by Agile and delivery cycles become shorter and shorter, developers need to champion the end­-to­-end product. Focusing just on database performance or making the product feature ­complete doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Developers need to step up and take wider responsibilities even if it involves exploring uncharted terrain. (more…)

Solving the Pitfalls and Inherent Complexity of Responsive Design

A large enterprise customer recently challenged us to explore the viability of responsive design when building a mobile application for their sales team to use in the field.

It was an interesting request because it’s not something we would have suggested. Our recommendation to clients had always been that application functionality should be based on use cases that make sense to the device. Responsive design, we argued, brings too much complexity and greater costs in maintenance and testing.


From Lotus Notes and Beyond – An Agile Migration Story

I wanted to share a recent experience I had with one of our newest customers. We’ll keep the name undisclosed for now, but these guys are a truly global company and a recognized leader in their industry.
When we first met the customer’s team, they were faced with the challenge of migrating away from antiquated technologies and hand coding into a platform that would allow their team to respond to business needs very fast but also with high quality and scalability. The team had evaluated tens of alternatives to achieve this goal and eventually decided on OutSystems as a technology that would allow them to achieve their time to market goals without sacrificing quality or scalability.  (more…)