liz palanisamy

Liz Palanisamy

Solutions Engineer

Over the course of my seven-year career as a Software Developer, I’ve worked as a contractor for companies such as Charles Schwab and Apple and full-time at various other companies. In July 2022, I took on the Sr. Solution Engineer role at OutSystems to help potential customers and partners improve their understanding of the platform and have a more interactive onboarding experience. Since joining OutSystems, the most rewarding part has been seeing the gratitude our prospects and current customers have after meeting with our team, followed closely by meeting people from all over the world daily. My approach to low-code is largely inspired by my desire always to do more, which you’ll find reflected in my blog articles and online posts. There are many sources I find inspiration from to push our platform to be able to achieve everything which high-code can also achieve. My free time is often filled with long hours on my bicycle through country roads and greenways. Other times you’ll find me playing disc golf or hiking through the woods. I love spending time with my family and friends and saving up vacation days to travel near and far. Eating good food will instantly make me happy. Want to talk shop? Reach out via Twitter: @gastonem02.