Enterprise software has a bad reputation. It seems like just about everybody hates enterprise apps. After all,  who hasn't fought against a user interface that seemed designed to defeat us? But why is it this way? Is there anything anyone can do about it?

In our new podcast series, Everybody Hates Enterprise Apps, we'll be talking to people from the software industry to get their take on why enterprise software so often gets it wrong. We'll also be getting them to share their personal experiences with enterprise software and their ideas of how to end the hate - or at least how to improve the reputation of enterprise software.

In this first episode, I talk to OutSystems CEO Paulo Rosado, and I ask him if it's fair to say that enterprise apps are bad. Paulo has an honest answer and then explains it by discussing how computer science education and the methods used to build enterprise software have led to contracts being fulfilled but user problems going unsolved. He shares stories of what it's been like over the past 16 years, explains why agile methods have replaced the waterfall method, and talks about the changes mobile apps have brought to enterprise software. If you really want a solid answer as to why enterprise software and apps can be so frustrating from someone who's been there, this podcast has it.

You can also check out the written version of this "Everybody Hates Enterprise Apps" episode, We're All Victims of Enterprise SoftwareAnd if you want an introduction to this series and what brought it about, you read the the blog that started it all.