In a world where change is the only constant, success requires innovation at speed and scale. In the past, companies would take years to drive initiatives around customer experience transformation, workplace innovation, process optimization, and technology modernization. Today, in order to keep up with the market and survive, these projects must be completed in months with ongoing changes happening in days.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, becoming a driver of innovation is no easy feat. In fact, in the Speed of Change: How Fast Are You? report, only 21% of senior IT professionals responded that they are more capable than their competitors when it comes to change.

Why? Because of the usual culprits:

  • Building software that meets your organization’s requirements take time, leading to growing backlogs;
  • Find skilled development talent is difficult and expensive;
  • Business environments change faster than the software and systems that customers count on.

It’s in this context that many companies are turning to cloud technology to support their digital transformation efforts. If done right, the cloud opens up amazing new opportunities for any organization to reach customers, enhance productivity, drive efficiencies—and most importantly, to manage change. But if done wrong, the complexity and technical debt that plague traditional platforms leads to the same paralysis with which IT has struggled for decades.

If you’re wondering how to embrace cloud computing as an engine for digital transformation, while driving scale, resilience, security and flexibility, then the Accelerating Cloud Innovation Summit is for you.

Catering to both IT leaders and developers, together with AWS, we’ll show you how to launch the most ambitious digital transformation initiatives without being held back by the specter of technical debt.

Hear from OutSystems and AWS how the combined power of a modern application platform and a best-in-class cloud provider can help you innovate faster, deliver omnichannel customer journeys, unlock the power of your existing systems, and to turn managing change into a competitive advantage.

All sessions are now available on-demand—check it out!

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