Ready or not, cloud-native application development is here: Gartner and IDC forecast that 90-95% of apps will be cloud-native by 2025.


Cloud-native companies like Netflix, Airbnb, and Uber have proved the success of cloud-native app development by leveraging massive scale, rapid speed, always-on environments, and continuous updates to break free of the limitations of legacy systems.

But while cloud-native is here and available for any business, a disconnect remains. The term “cloud-native” means a lot of different things to different organizations, which makes it difficult for IT leaders and developers to understand how to prioritize and integrate cloud-native application development into their existing workflows and processes.

A recent survey of over 500 IT professionals and developers confirmed that 53% only know little/somewhat about cloud-native application development.

The bottom line is, if you want to advance your cloud development strategy, or be a cloud-native organization, you need a cloud-first development culture. So, how can organizations bridge the information gap and fully embrace cloud development? (Hint: read on to find out).

2022 Cloud Innovation Summit: Inspiration for Building a Cloud Future


To help you accelerate your cloud journey, we invite you to the OutSystems Cloud Innovation Summit in partnership with AWS, taking place virtually June 7-8, 2022.

You’ll learn directly from cloud and application development experts about the secrets to building business-critical cloud applications that can help you achieve your digital transformation goals. The summit includes two days of insights and recommendations through presentations from business leaders, product experts, top technology consultants, and peers who will take you behind the scenes of how to transform organizations with the benefits of the cloud.

Whether your organization has a unique and immediate business challenge to solve, or you’re looking to innovate the way your business works with cloud applications overall, developers and IT leaders will learn how to use the OutSystems low-code platform to provide the agility, creativity, and speed needed to create scalable, secure cloud apps that end-users will love.

This year’s Summit features four tracks:

  • Business and Leadership Sessions: Join OutSystems and IT executives leading business-shaping projects as they uncover solutions to major roadblocks to digital transformation, including developer talent, development speed, and CX agility. These executives’ discussions will show how top enterprise organizations have cracked the code of achieving competitive advantage using the OutSystems low-code development platform.
  • Future of Cloud-Native Development: Take a deep dive into the future of cloud-native applications, the power of microservices, containers, CI/CD, and the DevOps process, and what cloud-native development will look like with OutSystems OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC) — the upcoming OutSystems cloud-native platform.
  • Application Showcase - Customer Experience and Workplace Innovation: Get an inside look at business-critical applications built by OutSystems customers, and learn how they are able to quickly create intuitive, scalable, and secure cloud applications.
  • ‘How We Built This’ Lightning Talks: These rapid-fire demos of cutting-edge apps from OutSystems developers will show some of the latest projects built on OutSystems and give you a chance to vote for your favorite.

While every session is worth watching, here are some specific sessions that may be especially valuable for your specific job role:

  • For IT Leaders: The Business and Leadership Sessions and Future of Cloud-Native Development tracks will give you not only what you need to understand how to craft your cloud strategy moving forward, but also the tactics you’ll need to bring your cloud-native strategy to life. You’ll also learn how OutSystems can help you deploy apps easier, more cost-effectively, and with more agility so you can meet your business goals.
  • For Developers: This is your chance to get under the hood with OutSystems to learn how it works. The How We Built This track not only lets you see examples of what you can build with OutSystems, but also shows you how they were built and why, providing you with inspiration and information you can use for your next project.

It’s time to prepare for your cloud future. Register for the OutSystems Cloud Innovation Summit today.