When a pandemic hits, we all must do our part. For some of us, that means staying home to protect ourselves and others. For others, it means going to the front line of the battle. At OutSystems, we knew we were part of the first group. But we wondered: is there anything else we can do to ease the burden on health professionals?

Moved by the energy of our global Community of developers and employees, OutSystems recently launched a COVID19 Community Response program designed to ease the hardships through what we do best: applications. As part of the program, OutSystems committed to help turn 20 ideas focused on solving a global problem into a reality, using our product and expertise.

App #1: Vent2Life

Live: March 24

Name: Vent2Life

Link to app: http://vent2life.pt/

Development time: One week

Goal: The goal of this platform is to help struggling hospitals and medical staff cope with the technical issues of equipment being used to treat coronavirus patients, specifically life-saving ventilators. The vent2life app lets hospitals report problems and malfunctions with their current ventilators and immediately links them to technicians with the right expertise to solve the issues and walk them through the solution. For now, it can only help Portuguese hospitals, but it will be available for other countries soon.

Proposer: Ricardo Neto, Manager Software Engineering @ OutSystems

Facilitator: Rodrigo Sousa Coutinho, Director of Data Science @ OutSystems

Why Vent2Life?

In this difficult scenario where the number of infected patients that need to be hospitalized is growing by the minute, hospitals have to ensure the efficiency of the resources they are using to allow medical staff to treat as many people as possible.

Issues with ventilators, vital to helping the respiratory difficulties caused by COVID-19 , are becoming more and more common due to high usage. After doing shifts for more than 48 hours, it is not easy for medical and technical staff to properly troubleshoot the cause.

Project Open Air, a movement started by João Nascimento, a Portuguese scientist who studies at Harvard University, tried to gather specialists globally to understand what could be done locally to produce ventilators.

This platform that brought volunteers together around the world inspired a team of OutSystems developers, alongside Portuguese medical schools and other companies, to develop vent2life.

"The moment we are all going through right now is something that has an impact in everyone's life. As a part of it, I felt the need to look for ways to reduce its impact. I was able to find a problem that is affecting even the wealthiest nations. It was great to be a part of a group of people from different areas working selflessly towards a solution for it. Years from now, whenever we recall this tough period, I think it's important that we all feel proud of how we, as a community, joined forces to overcome this crisis."

Ricardo Neto, Manager Software Engineering @ OutSystems

Vent2Life Screenshot

 Vent2Life App Screenshot