Building digital customer experiences used to be a simple process—you either built a mobile app or a web page. But the number of channels and touchpoints your customers expect you to be on increases every day.

In fact, Forrester reports that 95% of customers use three or more channels to connect with a company in a single service interaction. And, companies like Domino’s, who now offer 15 different ways for their customers to order a pizza, are pushing customer expectations further. Yes, it’s mobile, it’s web; but, it’s also voice, chat, and wearables. And the list goes on.

The battle is on, and your customers are unforgiving.

All of this means that the pressure is on. IT teams now have to deliver on an increasing number of applications, even faster, across an ever-expanding number of touchpoints and technologies, while faced with big pressures to factor in costs, resources, and budget. Seems like an impossible problem, right?

If you’re wondering how you can overcome these challenges and deliver new experiences at the pace your customers and your business demands, then the 2020 Digital Experiences Summit is for you.

In four sessions, we’ll show you how adopting a digital portfolio strategy and a low-code platform can give you the results you need in a fraction of the time. This strategy can help you ensure you architect for scale while developing new experiences that feel and perform great at the pace your business demands. Your customers expect no less after all.

Join us and hear from Forrester’s Michael Facemire, along with IT leaders from Humana, thinkmoney, City of Oakland, and Deloitte and see how you can transform your digital customer journeys and deliver new, engaging digital customer experiences across multiple channels and touchpoints, all leveraging the latest technologies.