After the launch of OutSystems 11, we started working on ways to bring the future to you faster. In December, we launched Service Studio Beta and have since reaped the benefits of building the product in collaboration with our customers. Now, we want to take it one step further and deliver powerful new features without making anyone wait for new major versions.

Although this will, of course, benefit anyone who uses OutSystems in the future, we think our current customers will be especially delighted not to go through a major upgrade process.

So, from now on, we’re going to release new features much more frequently in smaller chunks, giving our current and future customers the opportunity to influence the product by using them before they’re generally available, while at the same time mitigating upgrade risks.

Evolving the Features, Evolving the Product

This is an evolution. Last year, we started delivering new features that didn’t depend on the OutSystems language or Service Studio in quarterly server releases. We also added the beta channel to release Service Studio, and we’re glad to see how well it was received.

Now, we feel ready for the next step. With early access, we’re giving customers more power to try out new features. We’re also combining new features with the option to activate them across products so customers can choose which features to enable. We’re doing this because we want to deliver value sooner and because we want customers to shape the product according to their needs.

So what do you need to know? You can read about early access in more detail in our documentation, which will be updated constantly with the list of early access features and their specific requirements. Also, starting with LifeTime version Release May.2019, in LifeTime, you’ll be able to see the list of early access features and enable them. When they become available in the platform server, they'll automatically show up there.

Early Access to OutSystems Features

Early Access Starts With Site Properties

In the first early access feature, we’re offering the opportunity to configure Site Properties in the Target Environment during the deployment plan in LifeTime. You can find more information about this particular feature in our documentation. It looks like this:

Early Access to OutSystems Features

The Way Forward Is With You

As always, we will announce these and other features on the product updates page.

But, more importantly, we will keep on rolling out early access to features gradually, and we’re counting on user feedback in the process. So, share your thoughts on the new early access features in a forum we have created just for that purpose. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new journey, as that’s what sets this product apart from everything else.