Leveraging your field service organization to generate incremental revenue seems like a logical idea — after all, technicians are often right there with your customers and can easily offer them complementary products and services in person. So, why don’t they do it more often?


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It turns out there can be some challenges, including people-, process-, and technology-related obstacles that you need to overcome to help your field service team also take on a sales role.

Field service teams interact directly with customers and can understand their pain points and needs like few others in your organization. With the right technology tools in hand, and some coaching, technicians can easily be empowered to turn service visits into additional sales.

3 Keys to Generating Field Service Revenue

To uncover the sales opportunities in your field service operations, these strategies can help you address the people-, process-, and technology-related issues that stand in the way.

1. People

Selling may not come naturally to your service technicians. But there are ways you can help technicians hone their sales skills. The best way to cross-train people outside of their core competencies is to deconstruct the new job function.

Break it up into smaller, more manageable steps, and then have them practice it until it becomes comfortable. For example, technicians understand there is a logical sequence involved in servicing equipment. Show them that there’s also a logical sequence to sales. Then, teach them each step in the sequence, and give them a chance to practice.

Consider providing incentives for following the process rather than for closing the sale. This way, you help reduce performance anxiety and encourage technicians to adhere to the sales processes.

Also consider developing a mobile field service app that can help ease the training process and reinforce desired behavior. It’s especially helpful for new technicians if you embed checklists into your field service application to help them remember specific sales steps while onsite and provide integrated, real-time information from the customer relationship management (CRM) system.

OutSystems offers a high-performance low-code platform for building mobile field apps that can incorporate these sales actions into your standard service actions, and track activity for training and continuous improvement. 

2. Process

Imagine this scenario: a technician services a customer’s air conditioner and notices that their boiler is also leaking or dripping. If the technician can scan a barcode on the boiler or take a picture of it, and then connect that information in real time to your enterprise systems to immediately generate a repair quote, your chances of winning a new contract to service the boiler rise dramatically.

This is an example of a technician identifying real-time sales opportunities using advanced features in their field service app and following a well-defined process to sell additional services. Organizations may want to consider different strategies to sell services based on their market and the types of services they offer. Some of these strategies may include:

  1. Offering a discounted or free inspection to verify whether adjacent parts of the system being serviced are functioning properly. This can be done after the main service call is complete.
  2. During the service visit, asking the customer a set of prospecting questions to uncover any additional needs, with a requirement that the technician can’t close the service call without asking the questions.
  3. Presenting any other specials or time-bound offers that might entice customers to buy additional services or products sooner rather than later.

When developing a custom field app using OutSystems, you can incorporate these processes as checklist items for service visits, and help remind technicians to make offers and ask questions. By making sales also a standard part of the service process, you’re helping your technicians generate incremental revenue.

3. Technology

What if your field service technicians could access customer data, including past inspections and maintenance trends, directly from their field app? While on site, the technician can use this information to make recommendations for follow-up services. In turn, customer satisfaction increases, and you gain additional field service revenue from add-on services or equipment.

The key to empowering your field service team is to ensure the mobile applications they use in the field provide all the intelligence and functionality they need to identify and convert upsell opportunities and to execute their jobs flawlessly in order to build customer loyalty.

With over 400 pre-built connectors, the OutSystems low-code platform makes it easy for you to send and update customer information in your databases and systems of record, which makes it available to your technicians in real time. Furthermore, service organizations can use OutSystems to build "predictive" apps that, based on assets and services history, recommend a customized short list of products and services for the field techs to offer.

Increasing your field service revenue through successful upsells and cross-sells depend, in part, on offering relevant products and services, and doing so in a timely manner. Service visits are narrow windows of opportunity where having the right information at the right time can make a difference.

Quick and easy access to customer inventory, service history, and data gleaned from onsite visits is essential in coming up with additional sales and services recommendations. The right technology can help you do this.

Using High-Performance Low-Code to Drive Revenue in the Field

The OutSystems low-code application development platform helps field service organizations make the shift from cost center to profit center.

Building your field service application or extending an existing app using a high-performance low-code platform like OutSystems gives your development team the flexibility and speed they need to build robust, intuitive integrations and features that can help capture revenue opportunities in the field.

Whether it’s connecting your technicians in real time to customer information stored in your internal systems and databases, or developing applications that use the latest field-gathered information to create recommendations for complementary products and services, or updating your current mobile field service apps with sales processes, prospecting tips, and offers, OutSystems can help.

OutSystems gives field service organizations the digital tools they need to transform their field service operations for greater operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue. Learn more about OutSystems for Field Service.