The Manpower Group revealed that in 2016, employers experienced the sharpest talent shortage since 2007. And, when ranked on a global list of high-demand roles, IT labor placed second. Unfortunately, the gap is widening. Finding qualified professionals to meet IT demands, therefore, takes determination and creativity.

If you’re like many of our customers, you might be scrambling to keep skilled workers and struggling to replace them when they leave. Demand for developers, engineers, technicians, and other specialized workers is higher than ever, and the trend stubbornly refuses to change course.

So, how can you keep up? Here’s a story of how it can be done in the public sector.

Slowest In Our Lifetimes

Calvin Rhodes is Chief Information Officer for the state of Georgia. We interviewed him for his take on the IT talent gap. Rhodes believes that, although we think of the change in technology as fast pace, “that pace is the slowest it’s probably going to be in our lifetimes.”

Calvin deals with those growth demands for the entire state of Georgia. Georgia’s IT requirements range across a spectrum of services: healthcare, taxes, administration, traffic, construction, and more. He says that the most difficult challenge is recruiting IT talent well versed in recent technologies and employing them quickly enough to meet deadlines.

So, How Does the State Fulfill Its IT Needs?

According to Calvin, it involves adjusting their model. Rather than hiring along traditional lines, the state uses a mix of consultants, contractors, and college-enrolled interns. Here’s the whole story in Calvin’s words:

Mixing contractors, consultants, full-time employees, part-time employees, and interns can help organizations meet their IT demands—but that’s not the only way. What’s your IT hiring story?