It’s the holidays again. As we wrap up our 2018 projects and turn our eyes toward kith and kin, we wanted to take a moment—in case you missed it—to show off our new eBook titled, “Legacy Modernization: Finding Your Way With Low-Code.”

Download Legacy Modernization eBook

Speaking of “finding your way,” it appears that even those of us steeped in IT modernization projects aren’t all together from a terminology standpoint.

Take a look at these search results for terms having to do with revamping old code:

  • Legacy modernization: 118,000
  • Software modernization: 44,900
  • Digital modernization: 16,400
  • Core systems replacement: 9,580
  • Replace core systems: 3,460

As often happens, what ends up as the default naming is typically whatever the big analyst firms land on, and it appears that “legacy modernization", either as a complete term, or the two main words used to describe replacing/rebuilding/rearchitecting old apps and systems, will win the day.

No matter what you call the initiative, our new eBook is full of great information for anyone charged with this seemingly insurmountable task of updating aging systems without disrupting the business.

Enjoy it as our gift to you, and Happy Holidays to everyone!