The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job opportunities for software engineers in the United States will grow 24% between now and 2026, a growth rate almost four times higher than the average profession. Despite the fact that the Taulbee Survey indicates graduation rates for computer science degrees match the pace of job growth, organizations in the US and around the world continue to grapple with the gap between the talent they need and what’s available. Flooring manufacturing Mohawk Industries is working on finding solutions to the problem. Mohawk’s global CIO Jana Kanyadan explains how his organization is handling the gap:

Get In Early

According to Kanyadan, to ensure that the graduates matriculating from local colleges and universities can meet Mohawk’s needs, the company now works with schools to introduce topics into the curriculum that better prepare students for the labor force. Mohawk also begins internships earlier than the current average to capture student attention ahead of their competitors. Even first-year students can apply for internship programs with Mohawk.

Beyond Entry-Level

Kanyadan also mentioned that recruiting high-quality talent for leaders who can drive Mohawk’s IT forward continues to be a challenge that isn’t met with entry-level recruits.

Kanyadan did not reveal all of Mohawk’s talent-accruing secrets, but we now know that to get the right talent, sometimes you need to change the curriculum that brings them to you. What is your organization doing to fill the talent gap?