If recent events have taught IT leaders anything, it’s that the ability to adapt and innovate is not only critical to helping their organizations compete but elemental to business survival.

Across every industry and size of organization, company leaders and employees alike looked to IT to leverage technology in ways that weren't on anyone’s radar on January 1, 2020. Those that could adapt quickly survived and even thrived; those that couldn’t, struggled to meet the needs of a rapidly-changing world.

While the pandemic is slowly receding, the business imperative to remain adaptable won’t ever go away. While no one knows what the future holds, you can be sure that your ability to react quickly and develop new solutions will be crucial to success.

At NextStep 2021, we’ll take a deep dive into the issues that IT leaders need to master if they want to accelerate the digital transformation of their organization and deliver innovation as fast as their business and the market demands.

What to Expect at NextStep 2021

At NextStep 2021, you’ll learn about the technology trends and capabilities driving next-generation innovation, hear from industry experts on the future of software development, and discover how other IT leaders are leveraging the OutSystems modern app development platform to make a difference in their organizations.

The free virtual conference will take place November 16, 2021 – just before the OutSystems Developer Conference – and is uniquely designed to give IT leaders the information and inspiration they need to accelerate their digital transformation strategies with new software development approaches.

NextStep 2021 will kick off with a keynote presentation by Paulo Rosado, CEO at OutSystems. He’ll share his vision for digital transformation, provide insights into how to accelerate time to impact through a user centric-approach, introduce significant OutSystems platform solutions and share the company’s long-term vision and product roadmap. During the keynote, OutSystems customers will also share their stories of innovation under pressure and lessons learned along the way.

After the keynote, you can watch a series of breakout sessions on a variety of topics to help you lead the difference in your own organization. Here's an early look at some of the tracks and breakout sessions we have in store:

1. Discover the Platform

Hosted by OutSystems CTO Patrick Jean and customers to help you understand how OutSystems is being used in the real world, Build Fast, Right and for the Future: An OutSystems Overview, will provide a walkthrough of the OutSystems platform and show how customers are applying a visual approach to building software and enabling their teams to deliver innovation faster than ever before.

Later in the day, the session Get Out Of Debt And On With The Future With the OutSystems Platform is designed to show you how to monitor and slash technical debt so you can ensure that the apps you rely on to make the difference are able to change every bit as quickly as your business.

And the session The Shortest Distance To The Cloud: Building Modern Applications with OutSystems will teach you how OutSystems fundamentally changes the way cloud solutions are built, along with how the platform delivers an innovative approach to cloud migration.

2. Transform Your Customer Digital Experiences

Meanwhile, Experience Systems: Delivering High-Quality Omnichannel CX Like the Cool Kids, will show you how to enable an approach to CX development that massively simplifies the delivery of high quality, customer-facing applications. At the same time, OutSystems ensure you will maintain consistency in your customer journeys across every touchpoint – just like today’s fastest moving innovators.

During Turning Integration Into a Competitive Advantage, you’ll learn about the different integration options for OutSystems and how a flexible approach to integration can help you differentiate yourself from the competition.

3. Disrupt Your Workplace

In The 21st Century Workplace: Using Digital Experiences to Compete Like a Silicon Valley Company, market-leading companies will share how OutSystems allows them to attract and retain the best talent by creating modern workplaces with differentiated employee digital experiences.

4. Introduce Automation to Your Processes

Inside Every Automation Project Is an Innovation Opportunity: Introducing “Intelligent Automation” shows you how to take advantage of AI, RPA and BPM technologies in an integrated fashion so you can optimize processes and workflows around your customers and employees instead of perpetuating departmental and technology siloes.

5. Give Your Core Systems a New Life

Finally, Changing the Engine While Driving the Car: A Managed Risk Approach to Core System Modernization will demonstrate how to take a modern approach towards core system modernization, which enables you to rebuild your core systems in a phased manner so you can continue delivering new value without risk while retiring your worst sources of technical debt.

Surprisingly, all of these insights are available in just one day, but you’ll be able to leverage and apply these learnings for years to come.

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