According to Rollins CIO Lee Crump, the IT talent gap is a challenge faced by every CIO he knows personally. The gap makes it exceptionally difficult for Rollins to hire the talent they require. As his peers do, Crump turns to contractors and placement firms when Rollins is not able to recruit individuals with requisite skills. Contractors get the job done, but Crump is concerned that if we don’t do more to encourage local talent, companies will turn to companies overseas. Crump is encouraged by to local, state, and national initiatives and hopes they’ll pick up. Hear what Crump is doing at Rollins and how he believes we can shrink the gap:


Heartened By Local Initiatives

Crump is happy to see that all levels of government currently pursue initiatives that motivate young people to explore careers in math and science. However, Crump thinks they’re not going far enough. Crump wants to see better emphasis on STEM, beginning as early as grade school. He believes that schools need to encourage young boys and girls to consider careers in technology. He sees a future where automation replaces more American jobs and the technologies that enable that replacement will require unique and plentiful talent.

Crump hopes part of that new talent focuses on cyber-security. He discussed the alarmingly high demand for cyber-security specialists and its complementary lack of supply. This skill set proves to be the most challenging to fulfill for Rollins and America at large. He hopes that government initiatives and improvements in STEM awareness and education can quash the IT gap over the next 10-15 years.

What are you doing to mind the IT talent gap?