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Arnott’s Biscuits Modernizes Three Supply Chain Apps in Six Months with OutSystems

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Winner 2021
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Arnott’s—Australia's largest producer of biscuits—urgently needed to rebuild numerous applications due to its demerger. Using OutSystems, the company completely rebuilt three critical supply chain applications in less than six months. Successes include exceptional adoption, improved user experiences, and, crucially, delivery ahead of its immovable deadline.

  • App Modernization
  • Web Apps and Portals

Demerger Presents Hard Deadline to Rebuild Critical Supply Chain Systems

Arnott’s separation from Campbell’s Soup in 2021 imposed a hard deadline to rebuild several legacy applications that support core business processes. Using OutSystems, the company set out to completely rebuild three crucial supply chain applications, and it only had six months to deliver.

“With OutSystems, we have proven the value of having a rapid development platform that can move at the speed of our business. We migrated three crucial supply chain applications in six months with minimal disruption to operations."

Joseph Khoury IT Director – Digital Business & Workplace Technology, Arnott’s Group

Four characteristics made OutSystems an excellent fit for delivering these applications:

  • Accelerated visual development guaranteed that Arnott’s would deliver faster than traditional development.
  • Arnott’s wanted to improve the user experience for employees, and OutSystems UI would speed development with reusable templates and 100 plus responsive, visual components that simplified the production of reactive web apps that would work on any device.
Why Arnott’s chose OutSystems:
  • Speed-up development and improve agility
  • Build core systems
  • Enable continuous delivery
  • Powerful integration, including over 400 pre-built connectors for the most common apps and SaaS solutions, meant Arnott’s could build rich, integrated solutions without fear of lock-in.
  • Enterprise-grade scale and security provided a platform to ensure Arnott’s applications, although rapidly created, would be reliable, fast, and secure.

Three Apps Rebuilt in Record Time

Arnott’s assembled a team of internal subject matter experts with OutSystems developers and UX designers from its OutSystems delivery partner Readiness IT. The team needed to rebuild the three applications to meet the demerger deadline.

Joseph Khoury, IT Director – Digital Business & Workplace Technology at Arnott’s, says, “Agile, rapid development allowed us to see results immediately. We could test ideas with business users and quickly adjust. The result was an outstanding outcome on go-live, with minimal impact on the business.”

Meeting this deadline and the successful adoption of the new applications “was a major achievement and testament to how the OutSystems platform supports delivery speed and agility,” says Joseph.


Delivered on Schedule and Productive From Day One

OutSystems allowed Arnott’s to deliver in a truly agile fashion in close collaboration with business stakeholders. The result was a tailored and intuitive user experience that required minimal training. Excellent adoption by employees assured productivity from day one.

“The feedback from end-users has been phenomenal, with many commenting that the improved user experience makes their work easier,” says Joseph.

Measurable business benefits that Arnott’s has seen include:

  • Minimal impact to business-as-usual on ‘Legal Day One.’
  • Improved efficiency and ease of use.
  • Reduced software licensing and maintenance costs through the consolidation of legacy platforms.

Readiness IT

Readiness IT is a company specialized in innovation and digital transformation projects. Also is Delivery OutSystems Partner. Today RIT has more than 400 people working globally in 6 different cities...

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