Mobile application development overview

Adopt OutSystems to streamline mobile application development, elevate user experiences, and achieve rapid, successful app deployment across your enterprise. The OutSystems low-code platform generates high-performance apps utilizing a single code base to fit all devices.

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Why use the OutSystems platform to build mobile apps?

OutSystems provides a comprehensive platform that enables you to build natively for iOS and Android devices. It has an optimized core that efficiently handles interactions and offline data, ultimately providing these benefits.

Full control of native capabilities
With a broad offering of pre-built connectors and APIs, the platform facilitates the integration of device-specific functions like GPS, camera, contacts, and more. Feature-rich applications for each mobile platform are the result.

Scalability for millions of users
The OutSystems high-performance architecture can horizontally scale applications to accommodate the needs of millions of users. This scalability ensures a consistent experience even as the user base grows.

Full customization made easy
The platform offers extensive customization options, allowing developers to create visually appealing apps that align with their brand identities. From UI components to themes and styling, developers can design and deliver apps that truly stand out.

Robust application security
From secure authentication mechanisms to data encryption and compliance with industry standards, OutSystems helps protect mobile apps built on the platform against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

OutSystems offers a library of accessible UI components that adhere to industry accessibility standards, specifically, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). These components are compatible with assistive technologies so users with disabilities can interact effectively with the generated mobile applications.

Enhanced backend support
Support your mobile apps seamlessly, whether built with OutSystems or standard tools like XCode and Android Studio, by developing backend services and solutions with our platform.

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Mobile application lifecycle management and DevOps

The mobile application lifecycle management and DevOps capabilities of the OutSystems platform are essential to the deployment of applications that don’t break and sustain the growth of large software factories without compromising productivity.

Mobile application lifecycle management with OutSystems delivers:

  • Effortless deployment: With one-click deployment, your mobile applications are fully functional. A dependency analysis engine ensures the health of all apps, providing you with the peace of mind that your apps won’t break.
  • Seamless operations and analytics: Mobile apps are automatically monitored, and user-friendly analytical dashboards help teams address critical issues in seconds.
  • Streamlined management: Configuration management for running applications and identity management are handled by OutSystems, meaning another task is off your to-do list.
  • Secure software development: OutSystems is designed to cater to the needs of high-performance apps that access sensitive data, operate in strict regulatory environments, implement core business processes, or play a critical role in the end-customer’s journey.

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