An Invitation to Create


As technology teams move into the centre of the business, can application development platforms be the basis for an invitation to innovate? In this CIO Talks debate business technology leaders discuss how to embrace, encourage and support innovation from all corners of the business and unlock the capabilities of the organisation.

This discussion will explore:

  • Identifying the right opportunities to innovate
  • Developing the business case for new applications in conjunction with those making the demand
  • Helping the business define its challenges and why an application can resolve the challenge
  • How to engage employees in innovation and application development
  • The role of business analysts in innovation and application development


Mark Chillingworth
European CIO &
CTO Community Editor

Melanie Rose
Head of IT Service Management,
London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Nicola Gribbin
CIO and Founder,
my Ocean Life, The Seafaring Network

Ashley Doody
Chief Product and Technology Officer,
Matrix SCM

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