Banish The Application Backlog


To do a job well, you need the right tools. Without the right tools, teams will either fail to meet customer expectations, miss important business deadlines or at worst, not meet compliance demands.

As a result, organisations can see shadow IT rising, frustration mounting and the development of a series of data and technology silos. CIOs, therefore, need to be able to rapidly respond to any needs for new applications from colleagues across the organisation.

This discussion will explore:

  • Risks the business faces if it is unable to use the best tools for the job
  • Shadow IT and how it hampers the business
  • Comparing off-the-shelf applications with using application development platforms
  • How to improve user satisfaction in the business
  • Understanding the backlog and how to tackle it
  • Prioritising application development and delivery
  • Best practice for application building and delivery


Mark Chillingworth
European CIO &
CTO Community Editor

Mat Mallett
Chief Operating Officer,
Cancer Central

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