Continual Business Process Improvement


All too easily, business processes can begin to feel like they are set in stone. But if that becomes the case, then the organisation is unable to respond to changes in the marketplace. Business processes, therefore, have to continually evolve and in doing so improve. A business process, therefore, is like software - it iterates.

For CIOs and their organisations, this involves developing a culture of continuous improvement and having a technology estate that adapts to those improvements.

This discussion will explore:

  • How to evaluate business processes in order to improve them
  • The importance of cross-functional teams in developing and improving business processes
  • The role of technology in advising on business process improvement
  • The importance of integration to core systems like SAP ERP when improving business processes
  • The importance of business agility
  • The role of DevOps and Agile working methods


Mark Chillingworth
European CIO &
CTO Community Editor

John Sullivan
CIO and Digital
Transformation Director

Anna Dick
Hiring Hub

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