Business Value and Tech Value


Technology cannot be a cost centre to the business; it must deliver business value. In order to deliver business value, the business must work with technology to ensure that the technology demands it places on technologists deliver and retain value.

As a result, application development must not create technical debt, create application sprawl, cannot become a support cost centre to IT, turn into a future distraction for IT.

This discussion will explore:

  • Ensuring application development delivers business value to the end-user and to the technology division
  • Forecasting, managing and understanding the lifetime costs of an application
  • Managing application support costs
  • Retiring Apps and decommissioning applications to ensure the application estate is cost-effective
  • Guaranteeing code and technology quality across the enterprise
  • Defining ownership of products/applications and business responsibilities


Mark Chillingworth
European CIO &
CTO Community Editor

Avril Chester
Cancer Central

Peter Williamson
Business Systems Director (CIO),
Knights Brown

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