Gaining visibility


Cross-functional teams, citizen development, shadow IT, remote working and Low Code are all examples of organisations looking to develop solutions to the challenges they face in their daily roles. Yet for CIOs, these can create headaches in the form of hidden costs, technology debt and complexity, data silos and an inability for the organisation to audit and understand its technology landscape. Yet, CIOs cannot stand in the way of cross-functional teams, citizen development, shadow IT, remote working and Low Code. So, how do CIOs gain better visibility of how technology is used by the organisation and the desires of the enterprise. In this debate, peers share their best practice.

This discussion will explore:

  • How to spot opportunities to simplify the business
  • Reducing tech debt
  • Shortening the time to delivery, but keeping the budget under control
  • The role of Low Code in improving technology visibility
  • Developing a technology architecture that encompasses visibility


Mark Chillingworth
European CIO &
CTO Community Editor

Omar Shraim
CIO & CSO - Business Development,
Sapphire HMS

Georgina Owens
Chief Technology Officer,

Jay Parmar
Chief Technology Officer,
Lyst Consulting Limited

Martin Carpenter
Chief Information Officer,
Synomics Limited

Eileen Jennings-Brown
Head of Technology,
Wellcome Trust

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