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Last updated: Jan 2, 2020

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Check the OutSystems Support Terms of Use for detailed information on our policies.

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Contacting OutSystems Support

All customers with a valid and active Subscription can contact OutSystems Support to:

  • Submit Support Tickets;
  • Obtain information on existing Support Tickets.

Types of Support Tickets

Support tickets come in one of the types below. Each of the types influences how OutSystems Support deals with your ticket:

  • Request. Use a Request ticket to activate or reconfigure your PaaS service to better suit your needs. Refer to the service catalog to understand your options. While most of the PaaS services can be activated in self-service, some of these services require direct assistance from OutSystems Support for their delivery (usually in a coordinated effort with Customer teams).
    Each request comes with an expected timeline. Refer to the service delivery table to understand the timeline expectations and be able to plan accordingly.
  • Incident. Use an Incident ticket if you are experiencing deterioration in the value you are receiving from your OutSystems platform (like an unexpected behavior or an interruption of service). Refer to Support Severity Levels & Response Times to understand how OutSystems deals with Incident tickets.
  • Question. Use a Question ticket if you have questions on the expected behavior of the OutSystems platform or on a specific PaaS service you wish to activate for your subscription. Questions are handled by OutSystems with the response times of an Incident with Low severity.

Contact Channels

You can contact OutSystems Support using one of the channels below:

Web Support Phone Support

Toll-free for telephony apps:

  • +1 888 707 2657


  • USA: +1 888 707 2657

  • Netherlands: +31 800 090 0076 

  • Portugal: +351 800 780 555

  • United Kingdom: +44 800 029 3220 

  • Finland: +358 800 912 950

  • Germany: +49 800 505 2770

Country numbers:

  • USA: +1 617 420 8070

  • Portugal: +351 308 808 222

  • Japan: +81 368 635 398

  • Singapore: +65 315 860 08

  • Malaysia: +60 392 126 090

  • Philippines: +63 282 312 221

  • UAE: +971 442 450 20

  • Australia: +61 (0) 384 004 230

  • South Africa: +27 213 009 877

  • Brazil: +55 113 958 7478

Calls are centrally routed to our teams regardless of the number dialed.

Depending on the channel you choose, you can contact OutSystems Support in the periods specified below:

Support Level Web Support Phone Support

Level 1

Monday to Friday during OutSystems Business Hours excluding January 1st and December 25th.

Level 2

Monday to Friday during OutSystems Business Hours excluding January 1st and December 25th.

Level 3

24x7, every day of the year.

24x7, every day of the year
(Urgent and High tickets).

Monday to Friday during OutSystems Business Hours excluding January 1st and December 25th
(Normal and Low tickets)

Technical Contacts

Only technical contacts named by your company can submit Support Tickets and interact with Support. An explicit authorization procedure must be followed when people who are not registered as technical contacts wish to start submitting Support Tickets on behalf of your company.

Your company can add unlimited technical contacts to the company account. Your company can delegate the ability to add further contacts to any other technical contact.

To add a technical contact for your company:

  • Have the person register in the OutSystems Community;
  • In your company's OutSystems Support account, provide the email the person used to register. The email can be a company address, a personal address, or another company's address. For example, from a contractor.

We strongly recommend setting your technical contacts immediately after acquiring an OutSystems subscription. This prevents delays in sensitive situations, allows for the correct distribution of responsibilities across your organization and creates redundancy (in case people leave your company or switch roles internally).

Technical contacts are expected to be knowledgeable of the OutSystems environment and specifics related to Software installations and Support. Having knowledgeable technical contacts makes interactions with OutSystems Support faster and more efficient for both your company and OutSystems, accelerating ticket resolution. Online self-training is available to onboard your technical contacts into OutSystems.

For all purposes mentioned in this section, OutSystems staff are considered technical contacts. However, the staff must be working with the customer under the scope of:

  • A Professional Services Addendum;
  • A Master Services Agreement;
  • A Customer Success Program.


You can communicate with OutSystems Support in English.

Support in other languages is provided on a best-effort basis and subject to staff availability.

Help Us Help You

To speed up the troubleshooting of your problems, be sure to include the below information in your communications:

When you use Support Portal to open your support cases most of the information above is automatically filled in. Even when submitting Urgent tickets, you should open it initially via Support Portal and then phone Support for expedited assistance.

Be sure to accurately explain the problem you are experiencing so that our support engineers can help you solve your problem quickly. Also, make sure you are available in case our support engineers need your assistance for further troubleshooting.