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What’s the best low-code platform for developing web apps quickly? Try OutSystems, a powerful platform that simplifies web app development. With low-code web app builder features like a drag-and-drop interface and 1-click publish, building web apps has never been easier.

Why build a web app with OutSystems low-code?

OutSystems is the top-rated low-code platform for a reason. With its low-code web app builder capabilities, your teams can develop quickly and efficiently. Enjoy the benefits of pixel-perfect UI/UX design, AI guided development, automation, and enterprise-grade security.


“As product owner, I was amazed at the apparent ease of web application development. OutSystems provided the speed that made our collaboration so successful.”

Monique CostantinoCMO, Monson

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Pixel-perfect UI/UX web app design

Create beautiful web app experiences with the OutSystems low-code platform. AI guidance, UI patterns, templates, and code modules provide everything you need to build a low-code web app with a flawless UX/UI.

AI-guided low-code web application development

Are your web developers tired of repetitive overhead tasks? An AI-based low-code web application development tool can coach them in real-time and free them from drudgery.

Web app development automation

The OutSystems low-code platform automates much of the complexity associated with web applications. Examples include testing, architectural review, dependency analysis, and much more.

Build enterprise-grade security into your app with low-code

A security-by-design approach and 250 different security checks–some powered by AI–ensure that the web applications built with OutSystems are secure from dev to production.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best low-cde web apps deliver awe-inspiring, on-brand web experiences designed to meet strategic business goals. Mission-critical, they can rapidly scale to 100 million users or more.

Unlike a traditional coding environment, where developers manually write lines of code to produce software, with a low-code app builder, developers use a model-driven, visual language with a drag-and-drop graphical interface. With a low-code platform that includes an app builder,, developers can create complete applications with modern user interfaces, integrations, data, and logic much faster than with conventional methods.

Yes, there are free app builders, although many are free trials or they are part of a subscription to a software suite with functionality way beyond app building. There is an OutSystems low-code platform free edition, however, with no strings attached. Download it and you can build your first app in minutes.

Yes, there are hundreds of low-code and no-code platforms that make it possible to develop an app without knowing coding. Which one is best for you depends on what you need to develop and how it impacts your business. With OutSystems, someone with no coding experience can become productive in as little as a month.

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