OutSystems Launches AI Assistant App Development Capability

Boston and Atlanta -  19 November 2019

Smart technology from low-code leader helps professional and citizen developers deliver applications faster

OutSystems, provider of the number one platform for low-code development, today announced that it has embedded AI and machine learning in its software to make building applications even easier and faster for everyone. Designed for IT professionals and business people who develop applications, this AI copilot uses expertise learned from millions of anonymized code and application patterns to suggest the next best action in the development process.

Gartner has predicted that market demand for app development will grow at least five times faster than IT’s capacity to deliver it by the end of this year.1 In addition, Gartner reports that organizations indicate that IT and business alignment is the top barrier to delivering the application experiences customers expect.2

Since the announcement of its major AI initiative almost two years ago, OutSystems has been testing and refining methods to infuse AI into its platform to make it easier to bridge the IT and business gap, while further accelerating delivery. The release of the AI-assisted capability makes it possible for IT pros to be more productive while guiding citizen developers through the development process. At any step in the process of defining logic flows, inline suggestions are provided for the next best step.

“For OutSystems and the outsystems.ai R&D group, a future with no limits is one where intelligent tools augment the work of developers and business users. We are striving to make app delivery 100x faster so anyone can deliver robust, high-quality apps of all complexities,” said António Alegria, OutSystems head of artificial intelligence. “By leveraging state-of-the-art AI and machine learning research done in-house and in collaboration with top research institutions, we succeeded in creating an artificial expert that allows them to be more productive and effective. And, we’re just getting started. Look for more to come in 2020.”

OutSystems customers who participated in an early access program for the AI-assisted development capability acknowledge significant real-world productivity and skill-building gains.

“I just tried this for the first time, and what used to take five minutes of searching and a lot of mouse movement took about a second. The AI feature guessed exactly what I wanted to do! It is impressive,” said Vincent Koning, software engineer at Royal Boskalis Westminster. “It helps me prevent repetitive strain injury symptoms, and because I use the mouse less, I can continue working for longer periods of time.”

OutSystems partner, ITUp, has been part of the early access program. “There’s a lot of potential here because it saves time! Instead of having to go to multiple places to find what I need and drag-and-drop it to the flow, it’s just two clicks, which is really good,” said Rafaela Valadas, a trainee in the ITUp Turn Up program. “I think the assistant can make a real difference. People will do things faster.” Joana Brito, another trainee in the ITUp Turn Up program, said, “It helps me think and get to the right solution, which sometimes we might not remember.”

For more information about the new OutSystems AI capabilities, read this article with all the details or visit our artificial intelligence page.

1Gartner Says Demand for Enterprise Mobile Apps Will Outstrip Available Development Capacity Five to One,” Gartner Newsroom, Press Release, June 16, 2015.
2Gartner Says the Future of App Development Is Multiexperience,” Gartner Newsroom, Press Release, April 4, 2019.

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