Murata Power Solutions to Power Digital Innovation With Low-Code Leader OutSystems

London -  27 November 2019

Low-code expected to deliver a 6x increase in app development productivity

OutSystems today announced that Murata Power Solutions (MPS) has selected the OutSystems low-code development platform to power the company’s digital innovation initiatives.

MPS aims to streamline operations and provide innovative digital experiences to employees, customers, and business partners. Its UK-based development team will use OutSystems to build workflow, web, and mobile applications that integrate with the company’s ERP and other core software systems.

MPS is a market-leading supplier of power converters, power supplies, magnetics, digital panel meters, and open compute data center power solutions. With over 1,300 employees, MPS has nine engineering design centers and four manufacturing facilities worldwide.

With OutSystems, MPS will deliver powerful web and mobile applications in a fraction of the time previously required. Work is already underway, and Murata is planning a warehouse project in China, with low-code expected to deliver a 4-6x ‘time-to-value’ advantage, compared to traditional app development methods.

Commenting on Murata’s selection, Wayne McKay, IT Director for MPS, said, “Low-code was a compelling option for us. We saw that we could maximise our productivity with a modest-sized team of developers to meet the ever-growing needs of the business in a more agile way. We’re off to a flying start, we’ve already developed new workflow processes that integrate with our ERP system, and it’s ‘smiles all-round’ as far as our developers are concerned.”

“In common with many manufacturers, Murata has several hard-to-change legacy systems that make digital innovation difficult,” explains Tim Wilderspin, Head of Manufacturing, at OutSystems UK. “But, the speed and powerful integration capabilities of the OutSystems platform will give the MPS IT team the flexibility and agility needed to either integrate and augment such systems or replace them outright, in a fraction of the time traditionally expected.”

McKay agrees, “The ability to improve our workflows and digitally transform business processes at high velocity were key considerations when selecting OutSystems. Integration with our ERP and other systems is crucial to deliver the kinds of improvements and innovations the business needs. With OutSystems, we’re able to get innovation on the front foot. We can easily integrate core systems, develop new workflows, and provide much better experiences for users and customers.”

MPS wanted to minimise long-term software maintenance costs, so DevOps capabilities were an important consideration when choosing OutSystems, as McKay explains. “The DevOps capabilities included in OutSystems, like one-click deployment, will help our IT team devote more time to innovation, and get to market faster.”

The two organisations have been working together since July 2019, and in the longer term, MPS expects to build over twenty applications on the OutSystems low-code application development platform.

About Murata Power Solutions

Murata Power Solutions (“MPS”) is headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts, with over 1,300 employees worldwide. MPS is a market-leading supplier of power converters, power supplies, magnetics, digital panel meters, and open compute data centre power solutions. MPS products are used in a variety of sectors, including telecommunications, computing, and industrial controls.

MPS is a division of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., ( a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of advanced electronic materials, leading-edge electronic components, and multifunctional, high-density modules.

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