Training Partner Since 2021
India • Australia • Middle East, and Europe


TheDigiFac’s mission is to accelerate companies in their digital transformation by leveraging the best-in-class training with OutSystems.

With years of experience in delivering turnkey solutions and enabling companies to build their teams, TheDigifac has created a niche of skills in the training domain, by actively evangelizing OutSystems via University Programs, User groups & training, we have been striving to bridge the talent gap in India from the grass root levels.

Our training team consists of an OutSystems MVP, Experts, and practitioners with a wealth of expertise that is crucial in making the training invaluable.

“Training and certifications increase and improve the employability and compensation of an OutSystems resource. Without training, one is like a rudderless ship in the ocean. Certification evaluates your skills and assesses your strong areas and areas of improvement, which is very critical feedback for one to act upon. This ensures you are constantly upskilling and increasing the value of your projects.”

Amalraj P

TheDigiFac’s Founder & OutSystems MVP

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