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OutSystems provides mobile and web patient portals in complete self-service mode. Within the hospital, applications help manage the care of both inpatients and outpatients across all units, including integrated digital medical records and imaging, in compliance with HL7 standards. Get a clinical and financial global view to control costs and manage resources, supported by supplier self-service portals.
Healthcare Apps and Solutions References

Hospital Management

Patient Administration System

Manage patient data, simplify patient registration, and keep patient data updated.

Inpatient Management

Admit and discharge inpatients as well as optimize room and bed assignment.

Outpatient Management

Admit and discharge outpatients as well as offer smart scheduling of appointments, procedures and surgeries.

Medical Record Archive

Assign and request medical records as well as handle location tracking, history and label printing.

Emergency Department Management

Admit identified and unidentified patients, run criminal background checks, and discharge patients.

Surgery Management System

Conduct operation room planning and scheduling, material management, material requirement planning, and determine procedure costs.

Accounting and Invoicing

Manage patient billing and payments.

Hospital Management Dashboards

Provide complete visibility to what is happening in hospital units: clinical, financial and resource management.

Radiology Information SaaS

Manage all activities related to medical imaging workflow for several independent healthcare units.

HL7 Integration Engine

Allow data to flow between healthcare and non-healthcare systems, on-premises or in the cloud.

Materials and Procurement

Surgical Material Management

Plan material requirements according to upcoming surgeries. Provide detailed cost analysis for each procedure.

Suppliers and eProcurement

Centralize order processing across several units, control spending, and get bids through a supplier self-service portal.

Materials Shipping Control

Keep track of quantities and products that are shipped between healthcare units.

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Patient Portals and Service

Mobile and Web Patient Portals

Offer patients the ability to schedule medical appointments, access their personal chart, review exam results and history.
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Claims Handling and Call Center

Handle patient claims with the help of physician reviewers and providers with this workflow that includes a call center solution.

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