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Your Complete Guide To BDD Testing In OutSystems

Learn how to automate app testing in OutSystems using the BDDFramework, a Forge component. Also, learn how to create a test scenario, using the Gherkin syntax, a human-readable language - your tests double as living documentation. We also show you how to implement data-driven tests using a public API.

Best UX Practices for Web and Mobile Applications In 2020

Did you know that optimizing products for end-users can increase your revenues by an average of 37 percent? That's because consumers prefer a great experience — who knew? Check out this article to learn some of the best UX practices in 2020.

All You Need to Know About Reactive Web Applications

You've probably heard about reactive web applications by now, the new way of building highly performant applications, but technically, what does it all mean? Here you'll find exactly how you can benefit from this new generation of web development right now!