Behind the scenes of the #1 low-code platform.

A Talk About Design Systems — Why We Need Them, Why We Built One

What are design systems, and why do we need them? In this interview, four team leads from the OutSystems UX/UI Team share their views on design systems and explain how they improved usability, accessibility, and delight in the org's products.

OutSystems India and the Covid-19 Crisis

As the Covid-19 was hitting India strongly, we reached out to four members of our India-based engineering team to know how they were doing.

Inside OutSystems Engineering — Greg Parrott, Senior Principal CX Strategist

A conversation with Greg Parrott about customer strategy, Portuguese culture, work-life balance, and pre-pandemic offices.

Am I a Woman or a Person in Tech?

Am I a Woman or a Person in Tech? I could say that I’m a woman in tech, but I choose not to. I rather say that I’m just a person in tech.

Mark Medinger, Lead Software Developer and Team Captain of the Dev Acceleration Team

A Green Bay Packers fan who has always been “a bit of a nerd” as a kid, Mark Medinger joined OutSystems earlier this year as the leader of the Dev Acceleration Team.

Inside OutSystems Engineering — Sérgio Amorim, DevOps Expert Lead

Sérgio Amorim has a witty sense of humor that shines through in such an unassuming way that it will make you laugh when you least expect it. It’s a trait that serves him well in his role as a DevOps Expert Lead.