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How We Grew Our UX Practice for Max Product Impact

In their mission to create experiences that delight the OutSystems users, the UX Team has built a solid practice that greatly impacts the org's product. The OutSystems Head of UX, Gonçalo Veiga, tells you their story.

Mark Medinger, Lead Software Developer and Team Captain of the Dev Acceleration Team

A Green Bay Packers fan who has always been “a bit of a nerd” as a kid, Mark Medinger joined OutSystems earlier this year as the leader of the Dev Acceleration Team.

Inside OutSystems Engineering — Sérgio Amorim, DevOps Expert Lead

Sérgio Amorim has a witty sense of humor that shines through in such an unassuming way that it will make you laugh when you least expect it. It’s a trait that serves him well in his role as a DevOps Expert Lead.

Inside OutSystems Engineering — Sara Gonçalves, Team Lead, Software Engineering

Sara Gonçalves talks about being a team lead, how to come up with ideas for product features, and sports, of course.

Inside OutSystems Engineering: Dean van Zyl, Principal Software Engineer

In this interview, Dean van Zyl talks about his love of food, how OutSystems is primed to become the poster child for built-in cloud solutions, and the move to Portugal with his wife and s-i-x pets. Chill your beers and get the fire going: braai culture is about to arrive at the Lisbon office!

Inside OutSystems Engineering: Miguel Neves, Research Scientist

What does a research scientist in AI do in a software company? How will AI evolve in the future? Miguel Neves answers these questions and shares his insights on his role, duplicated code, top-three video games, and his love of mixology.