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Inside OutSystems Engineering — Prakash Nair, Lead Technical Program Manager

Prakash Nair is one of the faces of the OutSystems team in India. Here, he talks about the Indian work culture, its tech scene, and how he evolved his career from Java development to program management.

Quantifying the Uncountable: How We Landed Our Product’s Visual Sophistication

At OutSystems, we have long focused on usability and function. But how can you measure how beautiful an interface is? Join our UX Team as they guide you along their journey of landing our product's visual sophistication.

How We Grew Our UX Practice for Max Product Impact

In their mission to create experiences that delight the OutSystems users, the UX Team has built a solid practice that greatly impacts the org's product. The OutSystems Head of UX, Gonçalo Veiga, tells you their story.