So, you’re tuned into the latest industry trends and buzz. But, do you know they apply to you and your business? Here’s the latest information on what’s hot and how it can work for you.


What Is Low-Code? [2020 Update]

What is low-code? No, really, what is low-code? If you’re new to the idea or someone who’s been scratching their head for years, this blog post holds the answers that will make everything clear. Read on and be enlightened.

10 Software Development Trends for 2020

With another decade coming to an end, what can you expect from 2020? Check out this blog post to learn the top 10 low-code software development trends you should keep an eye on.

What Is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is much more than "the customer is always right." Mariana Henriques, Product Marketing Manager for Experiences, explains to you what CX really is about and how you can improve it.