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4 Capabilities App Dev Platforms Need for Whole-Team Cross-Functional Collaboration

With the pressure to meet the demands of a rapidly transforming and increasingly competitive business environment, many organizations are witnessing the growth of shadow IT. Others are seeing the rise of frustrated business leaders who decide to take matters into their own hands and develop their solutions independently of IT. In this article, we'll introduce you to a better alternative: whole cross-functional development teams. Take a look at this article to learn what this means and how to choose the best platform to support it.

Low-Code Might Get You to Version 1, But What Happens After That?

You have one month to deliver a mobile virtual care app. There's no time to building it from scratch, so use low-code. It’s easy and fast. You successfully release the first version, but while you’re breaking out the champagne, someone asks you to add a no-touch waiting room feature, complete with text messages that let patients know they can see the doctor. Can low-code save you then? Read this article to find out.

Application Delivery: While You Were Coding

According to the Speed of Change report, it takes most companies three to six months or longer to roll out an app. That's a long time when your users' world and needs are continually changing. How long? Senior Product Marketing Manager Forsyth Alexander explains it.