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Low-Code Myths, Fears, and Realities: Vendor Lock-in

What keeps companies from adopting low-code? In some cases, it's a series of fears and myths that can easily be dispelled. This article takes on the gorgon known as "vendor lock-in."

Lowering the Degree of Difficulty for Digital Transformation in Education

In the competitive higher education marketplace, colleges and universities strive to be more than just another ivy-covered brick in the wall. But limited IT staff and budget constraints are holding them back. In this post, learn how OutSystems and low-code can help.

Customer Experience vs. User Experience: The Devil Is in the Details—Part 2 of 2

Are you struggling to keep track of the differences between CX and UX? Digital experience expert Menno Cramer says you might not have to. Read the second half of our interview with him to learn why.