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Top 5 Digital Transformation Challenges—and How to Overcome Them

In the past two decades, we’ve been witnessing an astonishing technological evolution that led us to what I like to call the golden age of digital business. But many organizations have run into a digital deadlock in their digital transformation initiatives. What's causing this? Let's take a look.

Why IT Struggles with Digital Transformation (And What to Do About It) - Part 1: Enabling Innovation With Low-Code

What's holding you back from digital transformation and innovation? In the first article of this four-part series, Nigel Warren describes the challenges IT leaders face, lists their four top priorities, and shows how low-code addresses the first priority: innovation.

City of Oakland Transforms Digital Services for Citizens with Single Sign-on Portal

When the City of Oakland wanted to make accessing services easier for citizens, it turned to OutSystems, which previously had saved them $500,000 on an HR application. How did the new project turn out? Find out in this article and watch the video.