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From Citizen Developer to Superhero: 5 Takeaways for IT from Sci-Fi

Sci-Fi has fed our imaginations for decades with thought-provoking ideas and what-ifs. Though their focus is the future, the most popular have some very present takeaways that are applicable to both citizen and professional developers - and high productivity.

hpaPaaS Don’t Lie! What Makes a High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service Enterprise-Worthy

The criteria for Gartner’s evaluation of enterprise-worthiness is worth taking a look at because enterprises absolutely need these capabilities. In this article, we divide that category into smaller criteria and demonstrate how OutSystems meets each one.

A Badge of Honor: Three Reasons Customer Reviews Pushed OutSystems to the Top of the TrustRadius Awards

Thanks to all the customers who take the time to review OutSystems, we have been given a TrustRadius “Top Rated” award for “Rapid Application Development / Low Code. To celebrate, we decided to look at three of the top things our customers like about our low-code platform.

Every Little Thing They Do Is Magic: hpaPaaS in 2018

In the year since Gartner released its first Magic Quadrant for high-productivity aPaaS, the tongue-twisting category has matured considerably. Find out what it means, how it has changed, how Gartner evaluated the vendors, and the factors behind being named a Leader.

Houston, We Have a Problem: Empathy is Missing from Voice Assistants

You ask Alexa for Slade, and she recommends Katy Perry. This all-too-common voice-assistant scenario might soon be uncommon. Advances in machine-learning and AI and improvements in voice recognition are changing the game.

Creating an Effective App Strategy with DevOps and Low-Code

To maximize app delivery efficiency and reduce complexity, organizations are turning to DevOps. Low-code platforms can help by offering version control, collaborative development, build validation, testing and QA, and more. This article explains.