So, you’re tuned into the latest industry trends and buzz. But, do you know they apply to you and your business? Here’s the latest information on what’s hot and how it can work for you.


Wodify: Transforming Culture for Digital Success

How much would you bet on your company's culture? How about 2 month's salary? That's what Wodify did. In this blog post, their CEO, Ameet Shah, explains why to go all-in on core values.

Lessons Learned: How Stedin Built the Perfect Agile Team

Developing a sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy system while embracing an innovative mindset is a worthwhile objective. Discover how grid operator Stedin is using low-code to make it happen.

How Low-Code Supports the Automated Factory of the Future

Automation is absolutely key to running a profitable factory today. In this blog post, Rhett Ramos, IT Director – Asia of Allegro MicroSystems shares how his company uses OutSystems to support automation and development and how other manufacturers can benefit.

Never at a Bank: Opportunities in the Era of Banking 4.0

These days, banking has moved from the brick-and-mortar to the mobile device. In this blog, learn how banks can stay relevant in the digital age. Here's a preview: put customers first.

ContinuousNEXT: The Quest for Digital Dynamism in Financial Services

The message at the Gartner Symposium in Barcelona was clear: it’s time for analysts, vendors, and businesses to stop talking about the need for digital transformation. We need to move on from why to how. Garry Larner, OutSystems Regional Sales Manager in the UK and Ireland, shares his thoughts on how this message applies to financial services.

Building a Fort: The OutSystems Sentry Security Compliance Process

Nowadays, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for security. And that's why OutSystems Sentry is more than a product. It's a fort. In this article, learn how Sentry met rigorous compliance requirements to ensure we delivered a secure foundation and service as part of the fort.