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Low-Code Myths, Fears, and Realities: Security

In our recent survey, 15% of IT pros not currently using low-code blamed a fear that their apps would not be secure. In his latest low-code myth busting post, Nigel Warren explains how low-code is the opposite of insecure.

Low-Code Myths, Fears, and Realities: Vendor Lock-in

What keeps companies from adopting low-code? In some cases, it's a series of fears and myths that can easily be dispelled. This article takes on the gorgon known as "vendor lock-in."

Too Big to Disrupt? Low-code Brings Government Software Into the Digital Era

Online government services have matured in the last decade, but citizen satisfaction in them is at an eight-year low. What's to be done? In this article, we explore how local governments can rapidly build digital services that will win over constituents.