Into the Future with Cloud-Native: ODC from a Partner’s Perspective


In a time when digital transformation sets the pace, businesses are seeking practical ways to operate more efficiently and thrive in a dynamic landscape. Amidst this exciting digital shift, cloud-native development, provided by platforms like OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC), has gained significant traction. For those who are unfamiliar with ODC, it is one of two deployment options that OutSystems offers. ODC is a cloud-native, low-code development platform that supports Kubernetes, Linux containers, microservices, all on a foundation of Amazon Web Services (AWS) native cloud services. The other option is a traditional server-based architecture.

In this blog, I share my experiences with OutSystems Developer Cloud and how it can steer companies toward enhanced agility and success.

A Personal Introduction to OutSystems Developer Cloud

My journey with ODC began in June 2023. I am a junior consultant at agentbase AG, and I was part of the first customer project for ODC in Central Europe. The client had decided to move to cloud-native development for its project, and it needed a low-code platform that could support it. Throughout this project, I experienced, firsthand, the benefits of this platform. Our client’s decision to transition to cloud-native development using ODC was not made lightly. However, the results achieved thus far have far exceeded our initial expectations.

My personal experience with the OutSystems Developer Cloud demonstrates that it not only offers a powerful solution for cloud-native development but also adds substantial value to our projects. The combination of efficient workflows, rapid adaptability, and the ability to cater to diverse user interactions makes it an indispensable tool in our development process. In addition, the successful shift to cloud-native development using ODC not only validated our client's wise choice, but it also opened our eyes to the multitude of impressive advantages offered by the OutSystems cloud-native low-code technology. Here are just a few that became apparent during the project with our client.

Fast, Simple Deployment

Deployment with ODC is rapid and uncomplicated. Centralized provisioning of role management, configurations, and monitoring through the ODC portal played a pivotal role in simplifying what can normally be quite complex. Consequently, the organizational overhead for the project significantly decreased, and we could focus entirely on the actual development work. In addition, we were able to involve business departments in end-user testing with ease and promptly respond to their feedback.

Top-of-the-Line Training

The opportunity to deepen our expertise through the top-notch courses offered by OutSystems Training expedited our onboarding to the new technology and ensured that we could make the most of ODC. After developing so many client projects with OutSystems, we learned in our training (and then experienced it ourselves) that the OutSystems Developer Cloud streamlines even more tasks.

Agility and Speed: More than Mere Promises

The agility that the OutSystems Developer Cloud brings to development is not an empty promise. The ability to create prototypes in record time and observe real-time changes has profound effects. In one of my projects, we swiftly created a beta version, gathered feedback, and made adjustments – all without wasting precious time. This speed empowers businesses to keep their fingers on the pulse of the market and launch products faster than ever before.

Uncompromising Scalability

In an ever-changing business world, the ability to grow and adapt to different requirements and spikes in user demand is crucial. The OutSystems Developer Cloud allows seamless scalability of applications to meet current demands. This proves immensely valuable in times when demand can surge suddenly. Thanks to this platform, our clients can respond effortlessly and without interruption to a growing user base.

Keeping an Eye on Cloud Economy

The OutSystems Developer Cloud enables companies to use resources judiciously and exactly where they're needed. This means no unnecessary expenditures on unused capacities, but rather smart and efficient utilization of cloud resources. In our projects, this leads to significant cost savings, which directly contributes to the company's profitability.

Future-Proof Technology

The OutSystems Developer Cloud is always on the move. It continues to evolve and integrates innovative technologies to ensure that companies are always up to date. The ability to regularly update and seamlessly integrate new features empowers businesses to evolve continuously and maintain their competitiveness.

Looking Ahead: Innovative Perspectives for Businesses

Looking ahead, I can confidently say that cloud-native development with OutSystems Developer Cloud enables a powerful transformation that reveals more opportunities for innovation. My experiences with client projects affirm the promising potential of this technology and how it can open new doors for companies. Agility, scalability, cost consciousness, and innovation are not empty buzzwords or promises from OutSystems. The benefits of OutSystems Developer cloud are key to paving the way for companies into a promising future.