At OutSystems, we are committed to continuously staying ahead of modern mobile security threats by proactively offering the latest, most advanced protections. In the last few years, we’ve heard from security industry experts and witnessed in the news that cybercriminals are targeting B2C applications more aggressively than ever before. You’ve probably seen the headlines of large security breaches at major brands around the globe that result in substantial negative impact on a company’s financials, public trust, image, and most importantly, sensitive customer data falling in the wrong hands.

Even more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused more people to work from home and more goods and services to be transacted online. And, sadly, in the rush to expedite development to meet these growing demands, security is unfortunately often ignored.

In today’s ever changing cyber security world and with strict security and privacy legislation such as GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and country-specific banking regulations in place, ignoring mobile application security is simply not an option.

Enter OutSystems AppShield.

What’s OutSystems AppShield?

Building on top of OutSystems extensive enterprise-grade security features, OutSystems AppShield, introduced at NextStep 2020, goes above and beyond industry standards to ensure your mobile apps are even better equipped to combat modern attacks.

OutSystems AppShield

OutSystems AppShield, an additional cost add-on, automatically adds additional layers of security during deployment to make applications more resistant to intrusion, tampering and reverse engineering. AppShield makes it more difficult for attackers to spoof your app, tamper with its security controls, inject malicious code, run in an insecure environment such as on a rooted (Android) or jailbroken (iOS) device, and perform other malicious activities–securing your mobile apps both at rest and at run time.

For IT leaders, AppShield ensures teams deliver secure apps that reduce potential risks and avoid regulatory fines without compromising project timelines.

For developers, AppShield helps reduce the manual coding work, valuable development time and skill set needed to produce secure mobile apps.

Is OutSystems AppShield Right for My Organization?

Web and mobile applications built using OutSystems already include an extensive set of built-in security features and are protected by default from the top security threats identified by OWASP. So, the fact of the matter is, not every application needs advanced app shielding protections. Many internal business process tools, some B2B applications, or simply any app that does not store, handle, or pass highly sensitive data in some way may not benefit from OutSystems AppShield’s extra security layers. However, if your organization or your mobile apps have any of the characteristics below, AppShield will be worth a long look:

OutSystems AppShield Capabilities

Fully Integrated, Code-Free Deployment

The real “secret sauce” of OutSystems AppShield is its seamless, pre-built integration with our Mobile Application Build Service (MABS). After a simple initial setup that only takes a couple minutes, iOS and Android applications packaged and released with MABS will automatically include OutSystems AppShield’s advanced protections making it an essentially code-free and hands-off experience. With AppShield, you’ll never again have to make the difficult decision between app security and time to market.

As cyber criminals evolve, so should your mobile applications. With our commitment to security, we continuously monitor the latest security attack methodologies and evolve OutSystems AppShield to combat them. So IT leaders can rest easy knowing their mobile applications protected by AppShield have the most up-to-date security capabilities without compromising on project timelines.

To learn more about this new feature, take a look at the video below.



Take Your Mobile Security to the Next Level

Security is essential. Today more than ever, man-in-the-middle attacks, repackaging, code injection, and compromised devices are top of mind for my CISO and other IT leaders. At OutSystems, it’s top of mind for us as well. We take great pride in helping keep your applications well protected; which is why our team was incredibly excited to announce the general availability of OutSystems AppShield during Paulo Rosado’s keynote at NextStep 2020.  If you have mobile apps that could benefit from these advanced app shielding capabilities, reach out to your OutSystems sales representative for more details.