Ever been working out and want to check your fitness goals on your health insurer’s app? You pause the treadmill, check the app on your smartwatch and … thud! Bad. Customer. Experience. Your provider is mired in the days of thinking customers only interact via web and mobile. It’s like wearables, voice assistants, and chatbots don’t even exist. If you’re like me, you want to interact with companies with a consistent experience across all channels. And I don’t want to sweat all over my MacBook just to track my progress against my goals (I’m doing pretty good so far in ’21!).

Gartner calls my wishful amalgamation of tech “multiexperience” and pegged it as one of their top strategic technology trends of 2020. The research firm describes it as when:

“The traditional idea of a computer evolves from a single point of interaction to include multisensory and multitouchpoint interfaces like wearables and advanced computer sensors.”

Some companies have embraced multiexperience while others—like my behind-the-times health-insurance company—not so much.

What Is OutSystems?

OutSystems can help companies looking to improve customer experience not only catch up to but leapfrog competitors with a development platform that accelerates the delivery of modern apps (i.e., those built on the cloud) using existing team skills. With OutSystems on Amazon Web Services (AWS), companies of all sizes can take on new opportunities aggressively with simplified app development. OutSystems is a high-performance low-code platform that allows you to build apps fast, right, and for the future. (Curious about our relationship with AWS? Read on—or check out this Tech Talk.)

So, how does OutSystems make it so easy for organizations to innovate through software?

Don’t Settle for Status-Quo with Your Application Development

Many organizations have built applications over time using manual coding from different teams of developers. We see this all the time—and its impact. Coding is typically slow, error-prone, and tough to transition from developer to developer because of a significant learning curve, hiring qualified coders with specialized skill sets can be difficult and expensive … and on and on.

These are what we call status-quo companies and they have likely racked up significant technical debt. Not to mention legacy applications that lack scalability, reliability, and security. In short, coding doesn’t evolve, risking obsolescence.

OutSystems Optimizes a Cross-Functional Team Approach

At OutSystems, we aim to counter those challenges. We’ve got a full-stack visual development platform featuring full lifecycle automation, supporting basic apps to mission-critical core systems. That means you can speed delivery of applications, lower the cost of change, and access expert-level app delivery with any developer.

You can read more about our platform here—but know that the visual development environment, powerful automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) assistance are all designed to aid your application lifecycle management (ALM) process so you can develop apps in weeks or even days with intuitive tools used by a collaborative team.

Nobody cuts to the chase like OutSystems’ CEO Paulo Rosado:

“For customers with serious development needs they require a platform with no compromises. They are looking for real development, but under a different set of rules.”

How OutSystems Helps Customers Quickly Put AI and ML to Work in Their Apps—with a Little Help From Our Friends at AWS

So, let’s take it back to the start. For organizations hamstrung with legacy technology, the cloud can be a complex and intimidating proposition. It’s human nature to resist change, right? Even senior IT leaders and professionals admit as much in the 2020 State of Application Development Survey: only 21 percent of them think they are more capable than their competitors when it comes to change. To those folks, Albert Einstein has some wisdom to drop:

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

We believe that in today’s competitive environment, you may need to embrace change so you can confidently build, deploy, and update applications fast—all on the cloud.

To help you do just that, OutSystems has entered into a multi-year strategic collaboration with AWS. Combining OutSystems with AWS allows organizations to significantly reduce the time, resources, and cost of managing infrastructure and upgrading hardware and software. The two companies will work together, investing in people, technologies, and processes that will help customers as they adopt OutSystems Cloud. Quoting Rosado:

“Our relationship with AWS is a foundational component for delivering on our mission to give every organization the power of innovation through software. OutSystems Cloud enables our customers to develop their applications faster, and easier while leveraging the advantages of AWS.”

The OutSystems Cloud platform powered by AWS revolutionizes the way apps are built. It offers all the best of AWS—performance, security, scale—along with the opportunity for you to keep doing more. We’re particularly excited about customers quickly being able to use DevOps, data and analytics, and AI/machine learning (ML), and other AWS services in the apps they build. The OutSystems Cloud platform also makes it simple for developers to work with additional AWS offerings through the OutSystems Forge–a repository of reusable, open code modules, connectors, and UI components.

With AI and ML woven into OutSystems throughout the app lifecycle, we’re on a mission to not only make developers 100x more productive—we want the entire IT org 100x more productive.

And yes, your apps are safe. The OutSystems Cloud platform’s physical infrastructure is hosted within secure and certified AWS data centers, which include multiple layers of operational and physical security.

It’s Time to Move Your Most Complex, Mission-Critical Software to the AWS Cloud

Can you believe 80 percent of companies will fail to build an app in one to two months? That’s what the State of Application Development Survey discovered. Just think of all the memes and ridiculous headlines that you might have missed while your team was busy coding legacy apps.

Remember what Einstein said.

The time has come to build for the future with an independent runtime optimized for continuous upgrades to your technology stack—ensuring you always remain up to date on the latest cloud infrastructure innovations.

Learn more about the OutSystems Cloud platform on AWS.