In a world where we depend on our smartphone for everyday activities, organizations across all industries are investing more and more in mobile app development, either to improve the experience of customers or the efficiency (and safety) of employees.

But the time it takes a company to deliver a mobile application is still too long. According to the Speed of Change report, 60 % of IT leaders state that it takes between 3 to 6 months to deliver a mobile app. That’s a lifetime, particularly in a year like the last one, when change happens almost overnight.

To help solution providers meet their clients’ mobility needs with the best technology and services from IT suppliers, CRN announced their 2021 Mobile 100 List. OutSystems was included as a leading mobile application development platform.

It’s All About Delivering Value

The CRN Mobile 100 List is the definitive list of the top mobile devices, security and device management solutions, collaboration apps, and mobile app development platforms in the market today. According to the CRN, when being a differentiator is key to success, OutSystems gives partners the power to build unique solutions for the rigors of today’s mobile-facing business world.

How does our platform do that?

Well, OutSystems is a full lifecycle, full-stack high-speed development platform that gives companies the tools and processes they need to create any application (web or mobile) in weeks instead of months or years.

OutSystems can be used to create all the layers that comprise even the most complex digital solutions - from UX/UI, business logic to data and integrations. And it also enables an accelerating amount of reuse. This way, the more a customer builds with OutSystems, the less they need to build going forward.

Being recognized on the CRN Mobile 100 List is yet another validation of our platform's business value to our customers and partners. Though we love to be recognized by industry leaders, nothing speaks louder than our customers’ success—often delivered by the teams at our incredibly capable partners.

Do iT Lean, for example, a partner since 2010, used OutSystems to help Shawcor, a world-leading integrated energy services company, modernize a 20-year old legacy system that was hampering their digital enablement strategy.

With OutSystems, Do iT Lean and Shawcor delivered a brand new mobile app and customer portal that integrates with Shawcor’s ERP system. These new solutions have eliminated paper-based inspections of customer’s assets and digitized part of the customer experience by providing real-time status visibility for every asset that Shawcor manages.

Shawcor and Do iT Lean project results

“OutSystems gives us the ability to take a complex back-end and build a state of the art mobile application with challenging requirements. In this case, we needed to deliver a user experience that eliminates complexity and makes it easy for both remote and home office workers to interact and do their job. With OutSystems, we never have to compromise on a usability requirement due to limitations of the development environment.”

— Mike Jones, Do iT Lean General Manager, Americas.

Another example is Netlink, a partner since 2018, that helped TODO1, a provider of highly-configurable omnichannel banking solutions to retail and corporate banks, transform the front-end of its SaaS product to tailor for different banks and reach new customers.

With OutSystems, Netlink and TODO1 were able to eliminate all the messy, hard to maintain code that was hampering their ability to tailor for individual banks. Five months after the new UI became available, TODO1 won four new banks.

TODO1 and Netlink project results

“We used OutSystems for this project because of the speed of development. With OutSystems, we were able to cut the development time to more than half of the time it would have taken with traditional tools. Plus, since this was a banking application, security was a critical feature, and OutSystems provided the enterprise-grade scalability and security we needed.”

— Shailendra Malviya, Technical Lead at Netlink

Fuel Your Innovation with the Right Partnership

With the OutSystems Partner Program, organizations can take advantage of the industry expertise and experience of highly reputable companies while getting exclusive access to the tools and resources required to achieve meaningful business results. Everyday OutSystems customers leverage our ecosystems of 300+ partners to:

  • Ensure project success with delivery and sales partners
  • Accelerate projects with pre-configured, industry specific solutions
  • Extend the platform with best-of-breed technology alliances
  • Train their team and develop needed skills with local resources
  • Access fully managed products and services via ISV & MSP solutions

To learn more about our channel program and find the right partner for your needs, visit our Partner Program page.