They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Eating habits aside, more developers are taking their own interpretation of this adage, with Apple’s Mac (slowly) gaining market share in a world traditionally dominated by PCs.

In our quest to give everyone the power to innovate through software, we’ve been working hard to provide all developers a frictionless experience when developing applications with OutSystems, no matter what operating system they prefer. So, we’re super excited to announce the new Service Studio for Mac!

What’s New With OutSystems IDE for Mac?

Now, OutSystems offers a true cross-platform Service Studio that gives Mac users the same frictionless and seamless development experience until now exclusive to PC users. The new Service Studio is completely adapted to the different operating systems, including the right shortcuts, menus, and button positioning that Mac users are used to.

Service Studio for Windows vs. Mac

But that’s not all. The new IDE for Mac also includes new features and capabilities to take the development experience to the next level.

New features include:

  • New themes for a refreshed and modern look and feel
  • A very much requested Dark Mode
  • A more powerful and attractive environment that sits on top of Monaco Editor, the state-of-the-art technology that powers VS Code

Service Studio dark mode.

OutSystems Mac IDE also includes several productivity improvements requested by our developers, such as:

  • Improved syntax highlighting
  • Improved autocomplete
  • Local find & replace for CSS and JavaScript
  • Line numbering
  • Support for ES6
The new IDE has been in EAP, and the feedback from users has been great.

User feedback about new OutSystems Mac IDE.

Wait, What About PC Users?

Fear not. Windows fans can also enjoy the new Service Studio experience and capabilities starting today, in Beta version -- so stay tuned for more.

If you want to learn more about the creation process and craftsmanship behind this new experience, over the past month, we’ve been registering the journey of our new IDE in a series of blog posts. Take a look at the behind the scenes of the new Service Studio right here.

Time to Take It for a Spin

The new Mac IDE is now generally available, so go have some fun! And if you’re a Windows user, go check out the Beta version, and let us know what you think!

Click here to get started!